Not just for cooking

Lynda’s post reminded me that we do more in our kitchen than just make our kids food they’d rather not eat. We’ve implemented Family Game Night and when we’re not playing the Wii in our great room, we’re doing board games at the kitchen table.

It reminded me of playing a game called Garbage whenever my parents had visitors over. It was played with two decks of cards and was a variety of craps (red vs. black), poker, bingo, and other things I’m sure I’m missing. Have any of you heard of it? I don’t remember all the parts and I need to teach it to my kids to carry on the tradition.

What kind of gathering do you do as a family? Or do you wish you did more?

4 thoughts on “Not just for cooking

  1. Uno! I love uno, as it’s not complicated to set up, and my girls like to teach me card games that I’m dreadful at.

    We all like to sit at Starbucks and play games. The table is good, too, but then, you know, I’d actually have to clean all the school papers off of it. 🙂

    • I love card games of all kinds! It might be fun to do it out of the house… I have the same problem with the kitchen table. *grin*

    • Scrabble! I love scrabble. It makes TWO appearances in my cowboy story, also. Well, the name at least.

      We also have Super Scrabble, which is a HUGE board and double the letters. Takes a long time to play, though.

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