Birthday Chick and a Giveaway!

One little chicklet is having a birthday today, and she’s not all that pleased about it. So what should one do on a hopefully uneventful birthday than give someone ELSE a present?

I’m giving away a copy of Kinky Cupcakes and all you have to do for a chance to win is comment! And hey! If you’ve subscribed to the site (or if you subscribe today), I’ll enter you again. (I can only see WordPress users and email subscribers, so if you have RSS feeds or something else, let me know.) Comments have to be made on the actual birthday (April 13), according to the timestamp of WordPress. Stupid birthdays.

If I were the one admitting to having a birthday, I’d loudly proclaim that birthdays suck and should be banned after you turn 21. But I’m not admitting it. However, I want you to comment with a funny story that’s birthday related (I’ll still enter you even if you don’t). One I can think of off the top of my little birthday head (if I were the one having a birthday, which I’m not, because it doesn’t exist) is when we got a cake for a friend – the cake topper was a scantily clad plastic woman sitting with her legs bent beneath her and her hands behind her head, pushing her chest forward. My friend tried to remove the topper with his teeth and someone else pushed his face into the cake.

Okay, well, maybe you had to be there.

What fun birthday stories can you tell me?


39 thoughts on “Birthday Chick and a Giveaway!

  1. It was my 11th bday and I had all my friends crowding over me and my fabulous cake. The candle was lit and I couldn’t stop smiling listening to all my loved ones singing happy birthday. Just as I was going to blow out my candles, my baby brother shoves his entire fist in the middle of the cake and as the flame of the candles threaten to melt my brother’s delicate toddler skin my mom dives in to save him… And the cake ends up on the floor. Wah wah wah LOL

  2. About 10 years ago, we arranged a surprise party for my grandma’s 80th birthday. She thought the party was that she was going to a Yankees spring training game and visiting me. What she didn’t know was that all six of her children had flown in and were staying at the same motel. So we checked her in, got her up to her room, and then assembled the whole gang outside her picture window. When my mom drew back the curtain “to get a little light in here”, at first Grandma wasn’t sure what she was seeing. And then someone waved, and she realized what was up. We all went to the game and her name was up in lights on the scoreboard: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN FRITSCHE β€”Β YANKEES FAN FOR 80 YEARS.

    If you’d rather have funny I can find you a knock-knock.

    (I subscribe via Google Reader, so please enter me twice.)
    (That’s what she said.)

  3. I have a good birthday memory – my sister made me a doll cake because my nephew was born on my birthday. I still think of him as that kid. He was the first of many nieces and nephews and probably the best. LOL

    • How nice to share a birthday with a loved one. Most of my family members share birthday weeks with at least one other member. Sometimes scheduling the parties can be a pain, but I bet it will be more fun for them when they get older.

  4. We had my daughter’s eighth birthday at my nephew’s wedding…same day. She really thought the whole huge reception was really about her, and she got a bride cake with a barbie in the middle as her cake. It was fun. πŸ™‚

    • Gillian,
      I had one of those! But I was 8 years old and had a barbie stuck in the middle of my birthday cake. The coolest thing ever!

      • How much fun that must have been for the young’uns. My sister was born on July 2 and I always harumphed that she got fireworks for her birthday and I got to eat unleavened cake for mine (my birthday usually falls during Passover).

      • LOL I’ve never heard of unleavened cake, but I wonder if it’s like the chocolate Atkins cake I had one year. There was so much fiber in that thing, you could scrub the paint off a ’57 Buick with it, and it tasted about as good as the Buick’s tires.

        Do they make mixes for unleavened cake, or do they have to be from scratch? Got a recipe you can recommend? I’m always interested in trying new things!

      • Your cake sounds the same as mine.

        During Passover, we aren’t allowed to eat anything that rises, so we get these dried bricks of matzo meal, cover them with chocolate, and call it cake.

        Ironically, now that I’m older, I don’t want cake on my birthday. Let me rephrase that. I want cake very much. My hips do not. I listen to the hips.

  5. I remember when my Dad turned 40, my aunt made him a dragon cake. It was really long so she could put all 40 candles on the thing. Everyone teased him endlessly about how his cake could have burned the house down, looked like a bonfire, and on and on. Really funny at the time, not so funny now that I’m in my 40s.

    Happy birthday Miss Abigail!

    • HAHAHAHA We put 60 candles on my mom’s birthday cake for that year. Serious fire hazard.

      and not something I want to see on my own cake. πŸ™‚

  6. PS You need to add a widget that adds tweet buttons to your posts so we can tweet your posts more easily. Eventhough I really want me a cupcake recipe book I’d still tweet ya if you made it easy for me. πŸ˜‰

  7. Happy {{{whoever!}}} Birthday! Although, I’m a bit ahead of you in regretful birthdays. I do have a funny birthday story and it’s true.

    I grew up on a ranch and my mom was a teacher. When I was about to be five years old, my neighbor from the ranch ‘next door’ was babysitting me. Apparently, I was very excited to be turning five and told her, “My birthday is today!” Helen, my neighbor-babysitter, knew me from the day I was born…and she had a little boy who was a couple months older than me…so she knew full well that my actual birthday wasn’t for another week. Because I was so insistant about TODAY being my birthday, even though she knew better, she baked me a very pretty cake with frosting, candles and the whole works. When mom came to pick me up after school, she was a little surprised to find out what a determined little girl she was raising and thanked Helen profusely for going to all that trouble, unnecessarily. That cake sure didn’t go to waste because Helen also had two other boys who were quite happy to help me celebrate. And, in case you’re wondering, yes. I did get another cake on my actual birthday a week later.

  8. Not my favorite birthday memory, but one summer my mom had me scrubbing and cleaning for a pool party I thought she was hosting for her coworkers. Turns out everyone was surprising ME with a summer party (my real birthday is Dec. 25). Nothing like working your arse off for your own surprise shindig!

  9. For my 50th birthday, I was bummed because my daughter didn’t make it home on my birthday. She had gone on a road trip and called and said they just didn’t have time to stop by. I cried.

    That evening, the door opened and it was her! I thought that was good enough, but the next morning she took me on a wild goose chase all over town. I didn’t want to go anywhere because I knew she was leaving that afternoon.

    We got home and my house was FILLED with people. The best birthday ever. πŸ™‚


  10. I can’t think of a particular favorite. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved birthdays, even now. I think it’s because it’s a special day to celebrate being alive. I try not to pay to much attention to age any more, though, because as Bo Diddly said, “An age ain’t nothing but a number, and numbers ain’t *!@#.”

    Happy birthday, Abigail. We’re all glad you were born! πŸ™‚

    • Aw, thanks, Diane! I suppose I should quit the kvetching and just celebrate life. *sigh*

      Maybe next year. πŸ™‚

  11. My daughter was born on the same day as my nephew, but a few years later. When they were older, we decided to do a joint birthday celebration. He was not amused and refused to participate because it was his birthday, not some stinking little girl’s birthday. He was a cute pouter, and extremely stubborn. She was too young to care whether he was there or not and had a great time, which of course, made him all the madder.

    • Thing 1 was born three days before my nephews. There were a couple of years where he was sick on his birthday so we hijacked the twins’. No child ever cared. I suppose they will now that they’re older, but it made my life easier. πŸ™‚

  12. Not funny, but my oldest child held onto the inside of my uterus with his itty-bitty unborn fingers and toes for 12.whole.days past his due date to be born on my birthday!

    Also some chicklet’s birthday this year just happens to fall on my 15th wedding anniversary, which is weird to say “out loud,” given that we’ve only spent 4 of them living as a “real” married couple. (Yes, that includes this year.) Still, it counts, right?

  13. I’ll share a birthday story, although it’s not my own!

    On Christmas Eve, 2001, all I wanted was a nice, uneventful evening. I was pregnant with my first child, and had been cleared to travel (not that far) the next day, so I wanted to rest up for the two-hour drive.

    I woke up at 5:30 Christmas morning to discover that my water had broken. My husband’s groggy response? “That’s not even funny. Go back to bed!” (For the record, I still give him a hard time about this). Of course, our daughter was slated to arrive for another our weeks, so he thought I was kidding.

    I wasn’t!

    Nine hours later, we were a family of three. I didn’t make that trip, but my mother-in-law forgave me πŸ˜‰ And no one ever forgets our daughter’s birthday. Least of all us!


  14. It may not be funny, but a friend of mine grew up so poor that her family couldn’t afford to do much for a child’s birthday but sing. She swore when she grew up, she’d make a BIG honking event out of birthdays because dammit, it’s better to celebrate big time than not have a birthday at all. I thought that was a cool idea. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share that opinion.

    With this in mind, I got the family tickets for the Phillies baseball game and bought hubby the birthday package: name on the scoreboard, free birthday ball cap, and someone comes to your section and gets the whole crowd to sing Happy Birthday. Hubby being the private man he is–and the fact that it was 95 degrees with 100% humidity–did not appreciate the confetti that he swears he’s still finding in certain regions of his anatomy. I got a pic of him glaring at me as the attendant sang Happy Birthday. It’s hard copy proof, I shouldn’t EVER do that again.

    OR, for a funny-er story, there was the time my sister was 3 and my grandparents were visiting (all 4) for her birthday party. After dinner I was charged with giving my sister a bath (I was 15) so I told her, “It’s your birthday! Go show everyone your birthday suit!” And she did. Mom was NOT amused. (Can’t wait to tell my niece and nephew that story!) πŸ™‚

    • HAHAHAHAHA Birthday suit! hee hee hee.

      My hubby is the same way. Public birthday wishes just ain’t his thing. But I think he might get over it to see his name on the scoreboard.

      And it’s good to remember how much we got, ya know?

  15. Happy unbirthday Abigail πŸ˜‰

    I would happily post a birthday story but I don’t have the brain power to come up with one at the moment. Sorry! 😦

    My youngest was due on her big brother’s 6th birthday. How’s that? He desperately wanted her to be born on her due date so they could share a birthday. Thought it would be SO COOL! Instead, she was born two days early. I am pretty sure that he is THRILLED at this point, 3 years later.

    Of course, he’ll still end up having dinner with Cinderella for his birthday this year, since it’s also her birthday trip. Poor kid…

    also, i’m subscribing πŸ™‚ I would’ve sooner if I’d realized I could!

    • Beth! Welcome chicadee! πŸ™‚

      I’m sure big brother is thrilled that he doesn’t have to share. And one year of Cinderella is okay. Maybe next year you can have dinner with Harry Potter or something.

      And hey, if you think of a story later, just post! πŸ™‚

  16. Happy birthday, chicklet!!!

    I spent my childhood sharing a birthday party with my cousin, Julie, since she was exactly two weeks older than me. It was always tons of fun because it meant I got to see her. She lived about an hour away and we didn’t get to visit very often.

    For my own sons, when Guitar Dude turned 13 we had a live band party for him with all of his classmates invited. Same with Mechanic Man. Dr. Drums, the youngest, has his own rock band and didn’t get the big 13 party. However, from his 1st birthday on until we moved south he had a huge family pool party every year because we combined his celebration with a Labor Day party cook-out.

    Love & hugs to you, Miss Abigail! I hope your day was stellar!


  17. Everyone, thank you so much for sharing your birthday memories with me. It served as a good reminder to enjoy what I have and not to lament the things I can’t change.

    I’ll do the drawing either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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