Cupcake won the Cupcake Cook Book!

Congratulations to Toni, winner of the Kinky Cupcakes cook book. If you read her guest blog, you’ll see why this is a match made in the kitchen. *grin* In addition, Toni’s alter-ego, Cupcake, has graced the local Medieval Faire for more years than either one of us probably care to count. Coincidence?

Toni, I’ll be in touch as to how to get this cook book to you.

A friend reminded me of another birthday story that happened probably 15 years ago. We have three friends born within a week of each other, so I made them a cake saying “Happy Birthday Jim, Joy, and Rick.”

Well, the circle part of the R in Rick didn’t quite close, and the leg of the R looked more like it belonged to the I. So the R looked like an F and the I looked like a U. I won’t spell the rest out for you. Needless to say, the expletive cake gets mentioned every year around their birthdays.

This giveaway was so much fun that I know we’ll be doing it again. 🙂


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