Perfect Day

Today was one of those perfect days that I’m sure I’ll look fondly upon when life goes back to being stressful. First, the Things did their homework with (almost) no arguing! That in itself was an amazing gift. I love when they do their homework when I’m cooking and I listen to them talk to each other, like a stealthy silent observer.

THEN they didn’t complain about what I served for dinner. They have a bad habit of looking at new foods – or even old foods – and saying, “I don’t think I’m going to like it.” And it’s okay if they don’t like it. I just don’t want them to have a preconceived notion about it.

I’m actually surprised they ate it without complaint. I made a Rachael Ray recipe for Swedish meatballs, and it called for nutmeg. I may have put too much in, and I found it an odd flavor. Next time I make that recipe, I’ll leave that seasoning out. However, no one else seemed to mind. Score!

Dinner was filled with lots of laughter. I did tell the story about Thing 1’s very dirty neck when he was a baby and Thing 2’s first laugh. The details, and other things, would get lost in translation if I posted them here. And, really, I don’t remember every bit about what the family talked about – only that everyone left the table stuffed and happy.

How was your night last night?


5 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. I’d planned to work right through dinner because portrait orders are in. I rarely skip family meals, but deadlines are looming. Plus, I had already claimed the dining room table. So I figured I’d work there while the boys ate at the bar.

    I remember thinking, “At least I can hear about their day while they eat and I work.) Then my husband brought over a plate of Raspberry Vingarette Chicken and plopped it down in the triangle of space not occuppied by the hundreds of pictures.

    After that, I cleared space and we enjoyed a nice family meal. It was worth the twenty minutes it took to find all the pictures again. πŸ™‚

    • That’s really sweet, Jess. It’s like a Hallmark commercial. Especially if it ended with Little Boy Hugs. πŸ™‚

      • Nah, the Hallmark moment with my older son saying, “I’m done. Can I watch TV now?” πŸ™‚

  2. Awww…I love it! And I love Swedish meatballs. And about the nutmeg…it’s SO easy to over-do it–especially when fresh grated. (~_~)

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