The Menu

I really, REALLY need to start making weekly menus again.

A big reason why? For the past five days, we’ve had chicken for dinner. FIVE DAYS. Now, I made it five different ways, but STILL. Who wants to eat chicken for FIVE DAYS???

(And for those who were at RWA Nationals last year… oy. It brought back memories of NOTHING BUT CHICKEN.)

Tonight I planned on making grilled cheese or tuna melts – their choice. Hubby had a business dinner, so he didn’t factor into our eating plans. Thing 1 suggested we go to the pool. And I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I made tuna fish sandwiches, grabbed some fruit and paper products, and off we went. Spent about 1.5 hours there, just playing around and eating dinner.

The best part? Things went right to sleep tonight. SCORE!!

So, tell me. Do you plan a weekly menu? And, more importantly – do you follow it?

8 thoughts on “The Menu

  1. Sometimes when planning my grocery shopping expeditions I sketch out a quick menu for the week at the bottom to make sure I’ve included the necessary ingredients on the list. I haven’t done it lately, but really need to get back into the habit again. Thanks for reminding me to do this!

    P.S. I added a new “recipe we haven’t tried” link. You should SO totally make it and tell me if it tastes as good as it looks!

    • OMG the cheesecake or the pizza?

      Today I scored again with dinner – mac and cheese with hot dogs. *sigh* Hubby had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had eggplant parmesan *grin*

      • I seem to recall a certain mother of ours going on a tofu kick that the rest of us were subjected to…until Dad put his foot down after the 3rd consecutive night of the stuff and ordered pizza.

      • I don’t remember that at all. And I think I’m glad. (And welcome to Chicks! :))

        I kinda like tofu. If it’s prepared a certain way. There’s a restaurant here that does one that’s encrusted with pecans. YUM.

  2. Since going gluten-free, I’ve had to start planning a menu. If I don’t follow it then I end up gnawing on lettuce or naked lunchmeat and cheese while the kidlets eat chicken nuggets or PBJ.

    It’s not so bad if my husband is home grilling or cooking, when he’s working late or out of town on business, I need my menu to ensure that I eat. The little ones always do, but there have been more than a few times I didn’t because I didn’t plan ahead.

    BTW-Jealous that the pool is open where you are. We have to wait for Memorial Day here. 🙂

    • I’ve never had a problem not eating. *grin*

      And you may be jealous that the pool is open, but we are already dealing with the temperature in the 90s. *sigh*

  3. Yep, every week. I have a stock set of recipes I can put together easy though, so it’s possible to look and see what we have, figure if I need a couple fill-in items, and plan the menu around what’s available. It doesn’t require a big trip to the store for us these days, thankfully (that was getting expensive, shopping around cookbook entries!).

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