Sizzling Guest Chick Monday – Tracie Merwitzer

Our guest chick today is so hot she’s burning up the kitchen! If this sort of stuff isn’t your cup of tea, you may not want to read Chicks today.  Tracie specializes in ooh-la-la in any part of the house as a Pure Romance representative. When she’s not steaming vegetables or steaming up the bedroom, she can be found developing innovative workshops on ‘talking sex’ or corralling her husband and kids (they’re kind of like cats) in North Carolina. Visit Tracie at

Romancing the Kitchen

So when Abigail asked me to guest blog, I was really excited! What a great opportunity to share a little something about myself with a bunch of people who don’t know me at all. That’s how the whole Julie/Julia thing got started, right? My next step was to check out the Chicks to see how I could weave what I do – Pure Romance – with what they do – recipes. Then I saw the catch phrase ‘Whatever happens at our house usually happens in the kitchen’ and inspiration struck.

Yup…. chicklet Abigail has that kitchen envy

Now, I have an amazing kitchen. No, seriously, most folks who come to visit experience a high degree of kitchen envy. It’s in the center of the downstairs and we have an open floor plan, so it’s really the heart of the home. It has a HUGE island that has its own vegetable sink. I have a gas cook top and a double convection oven (which comes in very handy at holiday time). The only thing it lacks is seating, unless you include the countertops… but well, nope, not gonna go there. So indeed, most of the time ‘Whatever happens at our house usually happens in the kitchen.’

The kitchen is actually a great place to start a little somethin’ somethin’ that you can pick up later after the kids are in bed, because as we’ve all heard, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Picking out a recipe together, and prepping and cooking as a couple, can create another level of intimacy. Remember how erotic the eating part can be from our memories of movies like Flashdance and 9½ Weeks? While the food is the end product, it’s the process of preparation that has the potential for romance. Quick warning though – if you have a bit of the diva in you when it comes to your kitchen or the way food is prepared, either check it at the pantry door or forgo the whole exercise because becoming Roseanne Barr when he dices instead of chops will really ruin the mood.

Quite often in this virtual age we spend more time texting or IMing with our partner than in face to face interactions and those interactions start to become perfunctory and routine. Uninterrupted prep time is a great time to have a real conversation – something like, ‘If you couldn’t fail, what are the top two things you would have in your life five years from now?’ Or better yet, pick up a Pure Romance Date Night Game (maybe not safe for work depending on your company policies) and you’ll have all kinds of sexy conversation starters and a few delicious ideas for later.

So what kind of dish to cook? Flavor, flavor, flavor. The taste of something very often will… er… ‘dic’tate how much of it we eat. Bringing flavor from the kitchen to the bedroom is actually very easy, but you don’t want to use what’s in the fridge or pantry. There are a variety of flavored lubricants, arousal creams and body powders that can add a bit of flavor and interest in the kitchen or the bedroom. Adding a little bit of Hot Buttered Rum Sensations is like putting butterscotch syrup on your ice cream cone. Suddenly oral pleasure takes on a whole new double entendre! The other bit of good news is that all of the flavored products in the Pure Romance line (except for the Chocolate Fantasy Kit) are sugar free.  You never ever want to sweeten the honey pot – so to speak – with sugar unless you plan to start baking bread down there because you’ll end up with plenty of yeast. The other bit of good news is that all the flavored Pure Romance products are 0 points on Weight Watchers!

I hope you picked up a few tips about romance in the kitchen. Thanks to Abigail for inviting me into the Kitchen and check out my website at to see tips on romance and other sexy topics.

As an added bonus, I will give you 10 percent off if you order anything from Pure Romance (until the end of June) and mention the Chicks in the Kitchen, BUT you have to call or email – my contact information is on my site – since I can’t control discounts on Pure Romance. And let me know – what do you do to keep things spicy in the kitchen AND the bedroom? The chicks are giving away a (safe for work) cook book to a random commenter.


21 thoughts on “Sizzling Guest Chick Monday – Tracie Merwitzer

  1. Whooooooooo, Tracie! Thank you so much for your kitchen wisdom and ways to heat it up, baby!! I can’t wait to see what everyone says about adding a little sizzle and spice to their lives.

  2. Hey lady! Fancy seeing you over here! I don’t know about offering pointers or tips but I can say – when the Mr. is well fed, he’s happier for sure.

    My kitchen sucks though, love our house but it’s older (think 40s) with a galley kitchen – and what looks to be the original oven. When we had the cooktop replaced we had to have a whole new counter cut since they don’t make that *size* cooktop any more it was so ancient! So for me, I try to be as efficient as possible. I do pre-prep before it’s necessary. When we bring in groceries, I’ll use freezer bags to portion out chicken and other meat into amounts needed per recipe, and if anything needs to be cut (cubed, strips, etc.) I often do it then. That way when it’s time to cook, I’m not in the kitchen forever. The Mr. likes efficiency. 🙂

    • That’s a pretty good system, Erica! Me, when I’m done shopping, I’m DONE. Don’t want to deal with the food anymore. And that sometimes includes leaving non-perishables in the bags. *laugh*

      But if you do the no prep thing, then you can’t have the intimate kitchen conversations.

    • Erica, I know your Mr., and I’m willing to bet if you had something special on under your grocery shopping clothes, the pre-prep will take on a whole other meaning. Talk about a conversation starter!

      I do love the idea of pre-prep though. In fact Mom was suggesting that to me today with regard to the fruit so the kiddies (and me) will be more likely to reach for the fruit than the crackers.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I knew I’d keep my husband when he cooked for me while we dated. Homemade Casear Salad, grilled chicken and steamed broccoli–all prepared and served on a 30 ft sailboat. I figured if he could do that in a galley kitchen, I couldn’t wait to see how he cooked in the bedroom too. 🙂

    • Isn’t it funny that one of the best kept secrets on the way to impress a woman is cook her a delicious meal? I mean I am more impressed by a man who will take the time to prepare something just for me than one who tries to impress me with a 4 star restaurant! Sounds like your guy really knows how to cook :).

  4. The way to a man’s heart is TOTALLY through his stomach… I definitely cook somethin’ extra special for my husband when I’m feeling extra frisky, because I know it will work 😀 I firmly believe the cooking/baking is how I won him over…

    Also? TOTAL kitchen envy… WOW!

  5. Tracie, thanks for being such a great guest today and helping us spice it up anywhere in the house!

    And congratulations LYNN on winning the foodporndaily cook book! Lalala!

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