Blueberries Part II

After blueberry picking, what’s there to do?

Muffiny Goodness

Since the only way Husband likes blueberries is in muffin form… you guessed it!

I suspect there will also be pancakes in our future. Oh, and oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts, and vanilla. NOM NOM NOM.


5 thoughts on “Blueberries Part II

  1. Oh, those look Heavenly! I’m a big fan of Blueberry Pancakes, myself. Or crepes. I bet blueberries would taste amazing in crepes…
    Girl, I’m gaining weight just dreaming about these things!
    What about Healthy things in the kitchen? Like fruit salad? Mmmm

    • *laugh* For a snack today, my child had blueberries, bananas, and raspberries. With a dollop of sour cream. Hee.

  2. They look lush! I’ve been experimenting with freezing blueberries before I put them in a cake batter to see if stops them from exploding in the oven – will be trying out a recipe soon to see if it works!

    • Ooh, that’s a good idea. Stop back by and let me know how that works. Because as much as I love blueberries, I don’t love the mess.

  3. Oh my goo’ness! Those look absolutely AMAZING, Abigail! All my blueberries ended up being eaten right out of the bowl I left on the counter. 🙂 Must get more to make some of these muffins… Thankfully they’re on sale at the grocery store for $1.99 a pint right now. I don’t think I’d survive another hot day in the sun at a U-pick. 8-

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