Gluten-Free In a Pinch

My husband and I had a miscommunication last night. He asked, “Have you and the boys eaten [dinner]?” I replied, “No, and we’re hungry.” Not sure how he did it, but he translated that into, “We’ve eaten and we’re not hungry.”

Hmmm…gotta love those moments.

So he came home with subs and I was stuck. I couldn’t even share his meal. What to do? Well, this is when being creative can help. I scoured my pantry and my refrigerator for items to toss together to make a quick meal.

My older child chose to make a PB&J but my younger son wanted to share my dinner. To my surprise, my six-year-old declared the experiment a huge success. Since he loved it, I thought I’d share the recipe with you this week.

Tangy Tuna Pasta Salad

One pouch of Tuna in water or olive oil

6 oz of Gluten-Free Vegetable Pasta

2 oz Artichoke Hearts

4 medium mushrooms diced and sautéed in 1-2 Tbsp of Sun Dried Tomato Dressing (Gluten-Free)

Cherry Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomato Salad Dressing

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sautée mushrooms in dressing until tender. Boil pasta until tender. Drain and rinse well. (Some gluten-free pastas leave behind a thick milky substance. It won’t hurt but we prefer ours rinsed.)

In  a bowl mix tuna, pasta, mushrooms and 3-4 Tbsp of salad dressing until well blended. Top with cherry tomatoes, freshly grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.

This recipe serves two.

See you next week!

8 thoughts on “Gluten-Free In a Pinch

  1. This sounds yummo, Mary! I love anything with sundried tomatoes and artichokes in it. Sometimes I’m not a fan of tuna, but I bet this would be good with canned chicken, too. 🙂

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