Menu 0, Take Out 1

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on the menu plan worked out well.

Wednesday, though.  Wow.  We usually eat dinner around 6pm, family style.  I had planned to make salmon cakes and an apple soup (which I had never made before).  What could possibly go wrong?

The boys’ camp field trip not getting back until 5:30.  Not getting home until 5:50.  Not finding the cook book with the soup until 6pm.  A crazy dog.  Impatient Things.  Too many activities at once.  At which point I said “I’m getting take-out.”

Ten minutes later, dinner is on the table, my stress level is significantly lower, and everyone is happy.  Until the Things look at their kid meal toys and find the “girl” toy instead of the “boy” toy.    Oy.


4 thoughts on “Menu 0, Take Out 1

  1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one that happens to! 🙂
    I feel for you, when all things get pushed behind without our “permission” is waaaay to wild!
    The chaos is just too funny sometimes. Many a time our dinners are midnight deals or I end up freezing it for another day because of times being messed with. UGH!!
    My carefully plan menu’s are ruined, I cook but I am still fine tuning my cooking. Sometimes we do NOT go near the bottom of a pot because it is definitely scorched! LOL!!
    I totally love my speed dial……pizza in less than 20 mins………..what more can you ask for. =)

    Have a great day!

    • Oh, gosh, I don’t think I could eat dinner at midnight. My MIL seems to serve dinner around 7:30 and that always seems so late, especially because the boys go to bed by 8:30! *laugh*

      I’ve determined that for W and F meals, I either need to crock pot it (will be making chili tomorrow) or do a make-ahead meal. I have a hard enough time thinking of meals for the week, and now I get the added restrictions. Argh!

      Thanks for stopping by, Delila!

  2. Hi Gail, what a fun peek into your menu planning! We still don’t have the takeout thing down yet–but frozen entrees happen probably once or twice a week. Then there’s eating out once or twice… I am hoping to get more organized and prepare a weekly menu BEFORE I do my grocery shopping going forward. But we just don’t seem to be very good at routines. Rohan (our almost 3 year old son) and I eat around 6, Sameer (daddy) prefers 8 or 9 pm! We’re all over the place… By the way, what do you use to plan your meals? Post it notes? A calendar on the wall? A spreadsheet? Mental notes only? I need help!

    • Hey, Lisa! Glad you found the website! 🙂

      I use the kiddies to plan the menu. “here’s a cook book. Pick something.” and then I try to put it online (see my About Abigail tab) so I’m making a public commitment. You can see I haven’t yet done one for this week. We just got back from a day at the beach.

      I can’t imagine eating dinner at 8pm! The Things are usually in bed by that time. 🙂

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