Labor Day Plans for the Chicklets

Abigail here. No guest chick today as we’re taking in another holiday. Labor Day when I was growing up in Boston always marked the end summer – school didn’t start until after.  Now that school for The Things starts at the end of August, Labor Day is a nice three-day weekend.  Though we don’t grill, I do try to serve hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob for dinner.  What about the rest of you? It’s me, Lis’Anne…I’m coming over for corn-on-the-cob! Love it all salty and dripping with butter. 😛 (that’s me licking my lips) grandparents started the family cookout tradition, probably long before I was born. I’ll never forget Grandpa Punk and any one of his sons or sons-in-law standing beside him at the charcoal grill cooking up the best cheeseburgers in the whole wide world. The thing that made them taste beyond compare was Grandpa would put the burgers on the buns and stick them back in empty bun bag. This steamed and flavored the bun, imparting a grilled hamburgery goodness to every single bite. I always added a thick slice of Grandpa’s homegrown tomatoes to mine and man was it the best! Grandma Betty always served up her homemade potato salad that Grandpa never failed to compare to his mom’s sister’s by saying, “It’s almost as good as Aunt Dinny’s!” Grandma never minded; she took it as a compliment. 🙂 Grandpa Punk?…apparently he was a bit of a “punk” when he was a kid! 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll be grilling brats and burgers with potato casserole on the side. It’s strange not having a giant family get-together to go to since we moved south, but we make do. 🙂 Mary here. And in this part of Virginia, public school doesn’t start until the day after Labor Day so it truly is the end of the summer My husband loves to grill and we usually spend the holiday grilling and swimming. This year, we’re having friends over. Hubby is smoking ribs, friends are bringing crabs and corn, and I’m serving three different types of cookies (all Gluten-Free of course). 🙂 I think I’ll dis my family and come visit! And I’ll be heading up with Abigail! I love crabs, but I love you more, Miss Mary! I can’t wait to see you in November. xoxo’t wait to see you either. 🙂 I can hear my husband running the vacuum, guess I should go help with the last minute tidying before the guests arrive. Hugs and happy Labor Day, Chicklets! And everyone else, what makes your Labor Day special?



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