Mother of the Year award!

The workings of my kitchen sneeze  came to a grinding halt late this week.  And why is that?  cough  Oh, and while I’m asking questions, does anyone have any orange juice?

I love hot dogs. YUM.

Thankfully, I actually made a menu (even though I forgot to post it) and knew Thursday’s dinner would be simple – Rachael Ray recipe involving hot dogs on bagels with ketchup and cheese.  Hey – if I let The Things pick recipes, I have to be willing to eat them.  Our hot dogs looked nothing like the picture.  🙂

But yesterday was pizza.  And today will be pizza, because dinner time is during The Game (Go Gators!) and we’ll be eating in front of the TV.   Once in a while, I’m a slacker in the kitchen.  It’s few and far between, but it does happen.

car go boom

On another note, guess what fun I had a couple of weeks ago?  Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve wrecked a car, though it has NEVER been my fault.  (Someone ran a red light this time.)  I have bad… uh… karma.  Heh.  It was really Husband’s car, and he bought a new one yesterday – a 2011 Honda Accord.  He and The Things are driving in it now and I get the whole house to myself, except for crazy princess puppy.  AHHhhhhhhhhhh….



10 thoughts on “Mother of the Year award!

    • Nasty, yeah, but not really scary. I’ve done it before. I’m not sure what this says about me. *grin*

      What does scare me is when I think about if he hadn’t sped up to try to miss me. If he had hit the side of my car (instead of me hitting his tire), I’d be one messed up Abigail. So I try not to think about it. 🙂

      • I’m glad you are ok too … My first ever accident was someone who decided to turn without looking and I T-boned her. Had there been someone in the passenger seat, it would have been very very ugly … the passenger seat was in the back seat at the end of that one ..

        Very scary stuff!

        BTW, nothing wrong with pizza … it’s … cheesy-tastic!

      • My first accident when I was driving was when I backed out of my curved driveway, looking behind me to make sure I didn’t hit the tree, so my front fender hit my dad’s car instead.

        Okay, that one was my fault. But none of the others.

  1. Gorblimey, A.!!! So glad you walked away!

    I love hotdogs, too! I can’t imagine how to fit a hotdog on a bagel, though. *scratching head* Unless you cut the hotdogs lengthwise? Since I love mustard on my hotdogs, I CAN imagine it dripping out of the hole in the middle of the bagel. 😉

  2. Goodness Abigail!!
    So happy you’re ok!

    I have many a night that a quick pizza is just perfect for dinner.
    Sometimes our nice dinner are too much for us.
    On football Sundays I never cook! LOL!!
    Too busy cheering on my guys with the cute tushy’s!

    I remember Market Days, LOVED it!
    Lots of good food plus it did help out our school.
    That was one great fund raising idea, it was always jam-packed with people and orders. The ladies that ran it also had some sampling for you, now that was sweet and yummy!

    • Thanks, Dalila. Me, too. 🙂

      If I’m planning dinner on a Saturday or Sunday, I have to check game times to figure out what I’m cooking. College games are all over the place, but my Jags are usually on at 1pm and done by 4pm. Plenty of time to cook dinner.

    • Dalila, if you live in an area where the schools participate, you can order online and pickup at the school. I sure wish we had it down here in Florida. 🙂

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