Improvising in the Kitchen – Rouladen

Tuesday night was Rouladen night.  I knew it would take a long time, so I decided to cook it Monday.  I went to the grocery store Sunday and bought the ingredients.

Dang it, I forgot the carrots and celery.  Well, that’s okay.  No one but me would eat them cooked anyway.  And do I really need to cook the bacon in a separate pan?  That just dirties more dishes.  The directions also say I should preheat the oven.

Oh.  I’m supposed to use twine after I stuffed them.  I don’t have any.  I’ll use toothpicks – got plenty of those.  Buuuuuuut – I have to flip the meat.  Perhaps twine would have been better.  It would probably also help if I had the entire pan on the burner.

Was I not supposed to use all the onion with the bacon mixture?  Okay, everything’s stuffed, rolled, and held together.  Now I cook for 90 minutes.  Why did I turn on the burner?

Rouladen over Rice | Chicklets in the Kitchen

Rouladen over Rice

And it’s done!  … except I was supposed to bake it in the oven.  sigh

The verdict:  Not bad.  My family prefers its steak unadorned, but the bacon was a nice touch.

Have you ever had to improvise in the kitchen?  I would give away a cook book to a commenter, but my house went through some major cleaning and I have no idea where anything is.  But if you comment, I’ll send good kitchen vibes to you over the Internet.


8 thoughts on “Improvising in the Kitchen – Rouladen

  1. OMGoodness!!

    You crack me up Abigail!! 🙂

    You cook, somewhat, like I do. Which is NOT a bad thing!
    Many a time I thought I had what I needed to make my dish and guess what? NOT!!

    You’ll be surprised at what will go with what when you are scrambling in the pantry for missing ingredients. For some reason unknown to me at least 90% of the time it does work-out for me. YAY for mistakes and screw-ups!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. All the time, Abigail! Improvising makes a dish your own, even if you didn’t intend to create something new. 🙂

    I’ve discovered that I never ever have buttermilk on hand, but can make my own using 1 cup of milk with a tbsp. of vinegar mixed in. Let it set for a few minutes. And evaporated milk makes a decent substitute for heavy cream (but not if you really need to whip some cream!) in bolognese sauce.

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