Slacker Chicken for Slacker Chicks

Wow, last week was awful, post-wise!  Sorry, faithful readers, for the lack of kitcheny goodness.  This week will be better… I hope.

And in the spirit of being a slacker, I bring you a recipe for Slacker Chicken for the crockpot.  I did not create this recipe, and I forget where I got it, but I want to say a heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my slacker heart.

You will need:
One whole chicken
One bottle of Italian dressing

Clean the chicken and pat it dry.
Put it in the crock, breast side down.
Pour the dressing on top.

I usually cook mine for about five hours and then the crockpot keeps it on the warm setting for another three or so.  Do yours for however long it takes your crock to cook a chicken.

And the super secret bonus surprise!

After the chicken has been removed from the crock, I usually take off the skin and put it back in the pot, along with any bits that fell off the bones and things like that.  Then I add a few cups of water and cook on high for another hour or so.  When it’s done, set a colander over a large container and strain the chicken.  Voila!  Broth.

Put it in the fridge and let it sit for a while, then scrape all the icky fatty stuff off the top.  Use it for cooking rice or soup or to admire and say, “Look what I did!”


4 thoughts on “Slacker Chicken for Slacker Chicks

  1. Slacker clicker here wants to know what schmaltz is without clicking the link. *lol*

    I have a chicken. I have Italian dressing. I will make Slacker Chicken. One of these days.

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