Even the slacker chicken didn’t help

Y’all wanna hear something funny?

Slacker chicken was on the menu for dinner tonight.

Only I forgot to prepare it yesterday.

No chicken for me!  *laugh*


5 thoughts on “Even the slacker chicken didn’t help

    • I remembered last night, though! I dragged my sorry carcass off the sofa and cleaned that dang chicken! Of course, I almost forgot to put it in the crock this morning, but what are you going to do?

  1. You’re too much! LOL!!
    PB&J is always welcomed at our dinner table on some nights. 😉
    Another good thing some of us have is ‘pizza-delivery’ on speed-dial.
    By “some of us” I mean ME! LOL!

    • Peanut butter and Jelly YUM. I might have even gone all out and made it like a French toast.

      I ended up making spaghetti. With sour cream. But that’s a post for another day. (Sour Cream: Is there anything it *can’t* do?) I was going to have Husband pick up a pizza, but BOTH Things got in trouble at after school. No pizza for them!

      • Are you kidding me?! Thing 2 got in trouble? I never saw that one coming. :-

        You do know a chicken can roast in the oven in about an hour? 😉

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