Sampler Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I’m not a huge fan of cheese.  Provolone is probably my favorite, and a standard in our house, along with cheddar for chili or sauces, mozzarella for pasta, and American for the kids.  And we already had a guest who makes the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich.  So what possessed me to make grilled cheese samplers for dinner one night?

Grilled Cheese Cheeses

Don’t know. But it was YUM.

I asked my cheesy friends for their recommendations and went with Thing 2 to the grocery store to get them.  I picked up Havarti with dill, Gruyere, Jarlsberg, and muenster.  I’m not a big fan of Swiss, unless it’s in a Reuben, but I thought the kids might like it. We tried most of the cheeses before we bought them, and I loved how the Thing didn’t shy away from trying something new.

So I set about grilling four sandwiches with the four cheeses.  And then I cut each one into quarters so everyone had a cheese sample.

Grilled Cheese Platter, featuring tomato soup

As expected, I liked them all except the Jarlsberg, with the Havarti being first and the Gruyere a close second.  Thing 1 didn’t like the Swiss or the Gruyere, and Thing 2 didn’t like the Gruyere.  More for me!  🙂  I should mention here that Husband, the unadventurous one, had American.

Did I mention my cheesy friends?  There was a cheese platter at a party last weekend, and I got adventurous enough to try almost all the cheeses.  They knew I didn’t like Swiss, and I pointed to it and said, “I’m not trying that one.”  They tried to tell me it wasn’t what I thought it was, but it had holes.  Therefore, it was Swiss and I wasn’t gonna eat it.

Strange cheeses from far away lands… like the specialty shop down the street

I also didn’t try the Roquefort since I had such an aversion to the other Bleu cheese that was there.  One cheese was smooth and creamy like butter.  That was one pretty yum.

So Grilled Cheese Sampler Night was a success, and we’ll try it with other cheeses next time.  What would you recommend – as long as it’s not a Swiss or a Bleu?

5 thoughts on “Sampler Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  1. For anyone wondering, the look on Abigail’s face when she tried the bleu cheese at that party was absolutely classic!

    Oh yes, and since she was late to the party, she did not get a chance to sample my mini-quiches… I baked three dozen of them, and they were gone within an hour! 🙂

    • And damned good too, Mr. Jon 😉 Though all those cheeses were good too!

      Abigail, am I mistaken when I think that gruyere is a type of swiss???

      I’m pretty sure the cheese you loved was the Saint-Andre, by the way… YUMMY!

      • You are so wrong about the gruyere. No holes!! It had a nice, smoky flavor. 🙂

        And you are so right about the St. Andre.

        Jon, the folks in the other room panicked because of the horrified expression on my face from the bleu. “Are you okay??? ARE YOU OKAY?????” It would be funny if it didn’t taste so awful. And I’m sorry I missed the quiche!

  2. There’s a white cheese that slices like mozzarella but comes from Bulgaria that I got hooked on in Israel. Softer but not spreadable like cream cheese. And there’s a soft white cheese that the Indian, Arabic, and Persian shops carry along with flat bread that’s almost the consistency of feta cheese leaning toward cream cheese and so creamy that I love it. And I buy feta in huge chunks all the time to cut up and toss into salads and veggie dishes. It comes plain, spiced, different flavors. Love brie on toast, crackers, potato chips, smushed on almost anything.

    If you’re in Jacksonville, there’s a good Iranian grocery on the corner of Old Sunbeam next to the Mexican restaurant and another grocery, name starts with a K, on Philips Highway close to where Shad Road intersects. Sorry about blanking on the names. If I can’t spell it, I don’t remember it!

    • Not in Jax, Beth, but I could definitely put it in my busy schedule to check it out when I am! Does the white Indian cheese start with a P? We had a recipe for an Indian cheese and spinach dish a few weeks ago (Palek Paneer, maybe?).

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