Anticipation Bagel

We had a write-in Sunday (I wrote over 1,000 words!  Wheeeee!) and our hostess Charlie said she would provide bagels and diet coke.  Awesome combination, but whenever I hear bagel, my mind automatically adds “and lox.”

So I did what any good chicklet would do.  I got some nova and cut up some tomato, put some capers in a container (which I just realized I left at Charlie’s house) and headed over to share in the bagel bounty.

But I didn’t count on one thing.  They were cinnamon raisin bagels.  Which, while good with cream cheese, don’t really go with lox, capers, or tomatoes.  *sigh*

My mind was so insistant on bagels and lox that I had it anyway.  Without capers.  And while it wasn’t the Best Bagel Evah, it was enough to satisfy my mind’s need for the food combination.

It did teach me one thing.  Next time, I’ll find out what kind of bagel is being served.  Thanks for the good day, Charlie!


9 thoughts on “Anticipation Bagel

  1. OMGosh!!! Too funny! You’re too much! 🙂
    I’ll give you a gold star for eating them your way.
    I also love bagels with cream cheese and lox with tomato…..soooo yummy!
    Just for the record, I’ll eat any bagel at any time, I love bagels, but I do watch my combinations.
    I just think your ‘originality’ was not right for me. *^_^*
    I mean lox on a cinnamon raisin bagel, really?!?!!

    Have a wonderful day!

    • I know. But when you’ve been thinking about bagels and lox, you can’t let a measly obstacle like grossness stand in your way. 🙂

      Do you ever put capers or red onion on your bagel with lox? I used to hate it as a kid, but now…. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm

      • As a child you couldn’t get me near bagels and lox, now I love it!
        I have done the red onions on my bagels, but never capers.
        I really should try them. Sometimes I’m so busy chomping away on my bagel by the time I think of them I’m all done! LOL!!

  2. Okay, for those of us who haven’t a clue, what are lox and nova?

    I do love bagels with cream cheese, but I also love plain toasted bagels dripping with butter and peanut butter. Yummo!

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