17 days…

Be proud of me.   I lasted 17 days before I stole some of the Things’ Halloween candy.  Shhhhh… don’t tell them.  *grin*

6 thoughts on “17 days…

  1. OMGoodness!! No worries, your secret is safe with me. 😉
    At least you lasted all those days.
    When my son was younger he would hide his candy from me.
    We sort of made it a game between us. Problem was, he began to realize mom really wanted it, he started hiding it like gold from me! LOL!
    It sometimes cost me 50 cents to get a piece of his stashed candy!

  2. Oooooo, save some for me! I didn’t buy any this year and my only at-home kid didn’t go trick-or-treating. (Seriously, though, he’s only 15 years old and he thinks he’s too old to harvest candy for his mom from the neighbors? What are kids today coming to?)

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