Guest Chick Monday: Cooking High with Terry Odell

31 thoughts on “Guest Chick Monday: Cooking High with Terry Odell

  1. Welcome Terry! Thanks for the fabulous guest post 🙂 How on EARTH did you manage to adjust to somewhere like Colorado after living in Florida? That’s a huge difference!

    On another note:
    Okay, seriously? Now I have to make it to the grocery store to get the ingredients for these blondies. Like TODAY. They sound so delicious — especially the browned butter icing! I think I’ll surprise my husband with them at some point this week. Hmm…

    Also need to go check out some of Terry’s books. I always feel more drawn to books with kitchen scenes in them (go figure!), and I love the premises of the different series.

  2. Lizzie — I was never thrilled with the Florida climate. And it’s so flat. We wanted someplace different. And we sure got it. I love the mountains and the lack of humidity. Sure, there are some adjustments, but when I can look out my window and watch the deer wander through the yard–well, let’s just say it sure beats listening to the roller coasters at Universal Studios every morning. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy my books. Sometimes things really heat up in the kitchen!


  3. I’ve always wondered about the Florida/transition myself, Terry. Hi, Abigail! Hi, Chicklets in the kitchen! Anyone try my chicken/artichoke dinner yet .

    Terry, what a great excerpt, and those brownies sound positively decadent and off my diet! They’ll be a treat for later. So tell us, now that it’s winter, how do you like Colorado, and Abigail, I didn’t know that Florida was the flattest state, but now that you mention it, it makes sense. I always thought Texas was pretty flat! Great blog, ladies!

    • Donnell — I’m loving it here. Only our second winter, but aside from a few day where my Florida Honda Fit has trouble navigating the roads, I’ve yet to have any problems. After over 30 years of being hot and sweaty, it’s wonderful to be able to layer. (Although I guess having to wear shoes might be a minor negative.)

    • Donnell, I’ve got all the ingredients on my list. It would help if I’d actually go to the grocery store. I haven’t been in weeks! Good thing my cupboards were well-stocked with staples or my fam would starve!

  4. Fascinating! I never imagined the difficulties of cooking at high altitude (not a problem for me here in the UK, thank goodness).
    I also love to read domestic scenes in novels – even in films I’m always intrigued to know what people are cooking and eating. I’d love to incorporate more in my own stories but am never sure if they are appreciated, so it’s heartening to read your view and Lizzie’s comment.
    I will certainly check out ‘Danger in Deer Ridge’ very soon – the characters sound interesting.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks, Lyn. Cooking is a great way for characters to bond. You should see what happens in Nowhere to Hide when Blake (he knows how to make coffee, period) tries to duplicate a dish Kelli served him. Or how Dalton in Where Danger Hides uses his one specialty–scrambled eggs–to reveal his true character to Miri.

      And then there’s the ice cream scene in Finding Sarah — not really ‘cooking’ but eating can be erotic as well.

      Terry’s Place

    • My brother, who’s a classically trained pastry chef, was reading the high altitude section of “The Joy of Cooking” (which is his Bible — he’s of the opinion that you buy the book and then build your house around it), and he kept saying, “REALLY?” I’m still learning.

  5. I remember reading a romance that had recipes as an integral part of the plot and thought it was SO COOL!! 🙂

    Cooking grounds me as long as the counters are cleared and I don’t have to work around small children or the dog.

    • Uh oh … you might not like one of the scenes in Danger in Deer Ridge … although the kids were safely in bed, and the dog was on the porch. But they weren’t exactly … cooking. 🙂

  6. Good idea Terry…. to include food in some way in a book. It could also be used as a way
    to relieve/lower tension in a novel.
    Oh, & I’m printing off your recipe to try it. My husband has been making all kinds of
    brownies and says that he would love to try these.

    • Let me know how you like it. I’ve been very “timid” about trying too many baked goods. I can’t even cook rice properly up here. My “quick-cooking, 10 minute barley takes about 40 minutes to be done. Hard boiling eggs is a whole ‘nother process.


  7. Hi, altitude is a major factor. Ya’ll probably bake your cakes from scratch . Those of us who do from a box have to look at the high altitude instructions. Here’s something I should have known but didn’t. I went to the mountains with my girl friends, now in Colorado Springs where I live, it’s 6,000 feet. The mountains up near Dillon and Vail is 9,000. I made a pot roast, and ordinarily I slow cook it. No problem right. But the 2.5 hours I slow cook it in Colorado Springs wasn’t enough time. We had very hard potatoes and carrots and unfortunately tough pot roast.

    • Donnell – our house is at 9100 feet. Everything takes much longer. And those cake mix boxes usually consider high altitude 6000 feet. One said, “no changes needed, but for cupcakes make 36 instead of 24) I love my slow cooker, but always leave a lot more time for things to be done.

  8. Hi, Terry! Thanks so much for sharing your story and recipe with us! The book sounds intriguing – I love tales with characters who like to spend time in the kitchen. My oldest son’s girlfriend loves to bake and is a white chocolate fan so I’ll send the ingredients over to her to whip some up for us. This works out great for her mom and me; we both get some without having to slave in the kitchen! 😉

    • That’s the best way — reap the benefits without all the labor. I made some applesauce raisin drop cookies this afternoon. I used to make them as bar cookies because doing the drop bit was always labor intensive, but I was afraid to try them up here without having to adjust the recipe–something I’m not that good at yet.


    • Check my blog on Wednesday; I think that’ll be my recipe for the week.
      And, if anyone here wants to be featured on my What’s Cooking Wednesday, I’d love to have you. Just email me at terry (at)

  9. Terry, thanks for coming by and spending the day with us. I wish I had a chance to do more, but I had my pupils dilated and couldn’t see! Very disconcerting.

    It was fun reading everything eventually. 🙂

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