The Abigail She is a Changin’

I don’t like tea.  Or coffee.  Or so I thought.

It started innocently enough.  It was cold out and I was at singing rehearsal and my hostess offered me an espresso.   I drank it, she said I might need some sugar, but no.  It was bitter, but …. ugh, I can’t believe I’m writing this… I LIKED it.

I thought it was a fluke.  The cold changed my taste buds.  I was so desperate for a drink that I talked myself into liking it.  The chocolate I had earlier was still sweetening my food and drink.

But then… then a month later I got an email at work.   Coffee and cake were being served for the January birthdays.  The receptionist told me there was Almond Joy coffee creamer.  So I tried some.  And *sigh*  I LIKED it.

Now, I’ve always liked overly-sugared coffees.  The ones that taste like chocolate and come with whipped cream.  But bitter, dark, mostly unadorned coffee???  What happened???

One more change happening.  I’m going to be *cough*forty*cough* this year.  And from what I understand, vision starts going around that age.  My insurance coverage restarts in May, so I thought I’d go see the eye doctor.  Fully expecting him to tell me “Your vision is fine, come back next year.”

I was wrong.  My vision isn’t perfect anymore.  And when I renew my insurance, I’ll be adding the vision plan.

Coffee and eyeglasses.  So what’s changed in your life lately?


10 thoughts on “The Abigail She is a Changin’

  1. I think you already know the answer to that, but food-wise, I’ve been a vegetarian for four months, and lately I’ve discovered that food seasoned with lemon juice is nothing short of *amazing*! I put it on mashed potatoes the other night, with a half a slice of butter, and it was delicious! If I keep this up, I can cut my fat intake in half.

    I’ve also fallen madly in love…with eggplant. I made it for dinner on Monday, sliced thick, sprinkled with sea salt and lemon, cooked in the broiler. It might as well have been steak! I couldn’t eat it all, so today I’m having the rest for lunch, and I can’t wait!

    So yeah, I guess things change at 40. I’ll be 45 very soon and in the last five years I’ve “discovered” coffee, like you; I’ve gotten my first and second pair of reading glasses, which I can’t live without; and I’ve gone vegetarian. Just goes to show that the only constant thing is change. BTW, my coffee isn’t the same without peppermint mocha creamer. 🙂

    • I ❤ eggplant. One time I grilled some with olive oil, then put it in a pita with hummus. OMG SO GOOD. I'm the only one in my family who eats it and it's so time intensive that I don't make it very often.

      I'll have to try this lemon thing…

  2. A change in my life lately? Certainly not trifocals. I am definitely not old enough for those 😛 Meh.

    Food changes, I find myself enjoying tomato more. BUT only certain tomatoes. I hate the mealy, flavorless ones. Blech.

    Additionally, I’ve only developed a taste for curries in the last few years. There are still some that I don’t enjoy, but I find that a good thai curry is now one of my favorite comfort foods! Mmm…

    I love food tastes changing, as long as I don’t lose the taste for things I’ve previously enjoyed.

    also? YAY for liking coffee now! Welcome to the Dark Side. Would you like some cookies with your coffee? 😉

      • OMGsh, I wish you could try Indiana grown tomatoes. U*N*B*E*L*I*E*V*A*B*L*E We used to grow about 100 plants in our garden and canned whole, salsa, sauce, and tomato juice. Then we’d park wheelbarrows full at the end of the drive for peeps to just stop and take what they wanted.

      • Next time you come to visit we’ll have to check out the area farmer’s markets. I think you’d enjoy them immensely, especially with the volume of non-traditional vendors at the one we like.

  3. Isn’t it strange how things change in the blink of an eye? One day I could see just fine, the next I had to hold everything out as far as I could reach. I’m definitely due for an eye exam because I now have to put on reading glasses over my prescription glasses to see anything up close. Baby Spice thought it was too funny when she saw me thus at our last critique meeting. :-/

    And coffee? Have loved it since the day they invented French Vanilla creamer! I’ve tried all the different flavors, but FV is my absolute fave. 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve finally come over to the “Dark Side” as Lizzie put it!

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