Gluten-Free Girl & Comfort Foods

I’m getting ready to fly down to Florida this weekend for a much-needed writers’ retreat. But when traveling, I need to plan in advance if I want to have snacky foods on hand. Otherwise, I have a 50/50 shot being able to eat the foods served aboard the flights.

While at the retreat, my writing buddies may indulge in cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, I can’t. So I’m packing snacks in my backpack. Things I know I can eat. More importantly, things I know will get through airport security.

So what does a gluten-free girl pack to eat on a writing retreat? Well, chocolate for one. It’s not just a staple. It’s a food group! I’ve got M&Ms and Dove bars, ready to go. (Each type of chocolate serves a purpose. M&Ms keep me going but Dove bars are a reward.)

Since no one can live on chocolate alone, I’m also packing other things. In my purple backpack, I’ll have gluten-free crackers, cookies, pistachios, organic granola mix (yep, there’s a gluten-free kind) and cereal.

Since my TSA App advises that I cannot bring liquids or gels, I’ll pick up my drinks after making it through security checkpoints.

When writing or traveling, it’s imperative (for me, anyway) to have foods that aren’t just good for you but yummy too. And nothing says, “I’ve just finished a killer scene,” quite like a piece of rich, dark chocolate! 🙂

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