Fun Things To Do in the Kitchen (besides cooking)

It’s common knowledge that the kitchen is the heart of the home. You can do a lot more than cook there. (Raise your hand if you’ve seen “9 1/2 Weeks”. Be honest, folks; no one’s watching.)

While cleaning is not my idea of a good time, I get an immense pride at seeing my kitchen clean after a major meal project is completed. When I can stand in the doorway, listening to the hum of the dishwasher doing its job, seeing all the counter space once again open and gleaming, the stove as white as when it first came out of the packing crate…oh yeah. That’s what I call fun. Better still if, while I’m standing back, my belly is blissfully full and my mind can roll through the good time my family and I had there just a short time before.

But to get to that point, there’s work, and if there’s work, there should be music, right? Of course.

The best thing I ever bought for my kitchen was a tiny little cube radio/iPod dock. It’s not a Bose but it creates sound that keeps me moving, inspired, thinking and feeling. Every morning my son starts the routine by clicking on the local top 40 radio station, then sorting the daily vitamins for himself and his brother. When the boys leave for school, I pour my second cup of coffee and switch on some high-energy music to get me moving in a higher gear. Lately my favorite is Ne-Yo’s “Beautiful Monster.” Also great for use on the treadmill.

At the end of the day, I’ll come home from the gym, plug the iPod into the charger, and dance around “Risky Business” style as I make dinner. I’ll sing if the key is close to mine, or even if it’s not. (I always wanted to be a soprano, but I’m a born alto. I still try, though I know when to let Adele hit the notes I can’t.) The acoustics in the kitchen aren’t half bad, though I bet the neighbors and my oldest wish they weren’t. His room is directly above the kitchen. He’s often the first to know when dinner’s ready. He comes down the stairs, sniffing, before the timer goes off.

As the boys eat their dinner, I’ll stand by the sink, sipping a glass of wine, and we’ll talk about our day. Anyone who thinks teenagers don’t open up hasn’t met my 17 year old son. In the last few months, the kitchen has been the place of sharing and laughter. I’ve caught my youngest son eating with both hands so he can get to dessert faster. Tell me he’s not his mother’s son. 🙂

It’s fun to sit on the couch at night after a long day and relax, watching TV while knitting/crocheting or even napping, but lately I’ve learned that it’s absolutely true: the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what fun stuff YOU do in the kitchen!

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Fiction Writer wannabe; mom of 2 boys (one teenager, one with autism); addicted crocheter/knitter; BIG fan of the iPod and the Philadelphia Phillies. Ask me about my camera, too. Or better yet, say cheese!

6 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do in the Kitchen (besides cooking)

  1. OMG, of all the crazy-a$$ crap. I JUST read back the part about Risky Business and what comes on the radio, which is playing in the kitchen behind me, but “Old Time Rock n’ Roll”! ‘Scuse me while I dance!!

  2. I used to have a kitchen like that. My husband owned a construction company at the time and the guys were usually at our house with coffee going before I got out of bed. Lately it’s just been me and the dogs as hubby is out of town. But they love to watch me dance and cook – waiting for the floor drops. Who knew dogs liked carrots?

    • I’ve heard that, Lynn. Maybe it’s the crunch that makes them think they’re eating dog bones, because honestly, we had a shepherd mix who must not have tasted anything he ate, he gulped it down so fast.

      There are days when food hits the floor that I wish we had a dog. Cats could care less. I even put cream on the floor (in a bowl, of course) and they turn their noses up at it. One of our two cats is so picky, she doesn’t like drinking water if it’s not fresh. The day I leave the tap running for her is the day they take me away in a padded truck. (Though I did know people who did that, but our cat has bladder issues I do not wish to encourage.)

  3. And hence the whole reason the blog got started. It’s all about the kitchen, baby!

    I love that your older son still opens up! We have family dinners most every night and I’m hoping that will keep communication open when the teen years hit. So why don’t you eat with them? You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach. 😉

    • We eat different foods, different times. It used to be I made my dinner while they ate theirs, because the then-hubby didn’t like what they ate (not a big fan of the chicken nuggets, and they’re a staple for the boys). Now that it’s just me ‘n the boys, I’ll make or prep mine because they’d rather die than attempt to live on vegetables. Ryan still insists “it’s a thing she’s going through”, but I’ve done it for 8 months now and I don’t see a reason to change. Matter of fact, I saw a pic of a steak the other day and my first thought was, “Ew.” I guess I’m a veg for good now. (Must confess, I did have smoked salmon sushi yesterday, so I guess that makes me an occasional pescetarian. I could never go vegan. Life without ice cream isn’t life.)

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