Don’tcha just love when your kids ask for a treat they think is yummy and it’s secretly good for them?

Enter the smoothie!!!

Now, I haven’t yet ventured into the world of wheat germ or other secret healthy ingredients.  But even so, how much better can a smoothie be?  Milk!  Calcium!  Protein!  Fruits!  Vitamins!  Load it up!

I’ve found my smoothies work best with a 1:1 milk to vanilla yogurt (not frozen) ratio, and then fruit added to taste.  Depending on the amount of fruit, you might need to up the yogurt.  Right now the kids are all about strawberry smoothies, but for a while we were peanut butter and banana fans.  Throw everything in a blender and off you go.

I mean, seriously!  Three or four ingredients in a snack that are good for them???  What’s not to love?  Not to mention it’s almost time for strawberry AND blueberry picking again.

Do you smoothie?  What’s your favorite recipe?


8 thoughts on “I AM THE SMOOTHIE QUEEN!!!

  1. Ahhh…we shake more than smoothie, which means ice cream versus yogurt and chocolate versus fruit, BUT it’s still healthier than munching on a bag of chips. That said, your blog has me thinking about the oranges and fresh pineapple I have in the house right now. I wonder how they’d taste with ice cream…?

    • Oh, yum. Real ice cream shakes. I don’t think I could get away with that and call it healthy, though.

      I think orange and pineapple would taste amazing with vanilla. Not sure about chocolate. Recently I had a chocolate-covered piece of apple. (Not that this relates to anything.) It was weird.

      • Just FYI, pineapple shakes are AMAZING, although you need a lot more pineapple than you’d think. And next time I make them, I’m substituting pineapple juice for the milk I slosh into the ice cream.

        I also dipped some pineapple into some chocolate just for you, Abigail, but it wasn’t all that great. All I had in the house, though, was milk chocolate syrup. I’m thinking dipping pineapple into nice rich DARK chocolate might work, especially if I sprinkled it with crushed macadamia nuts.

  2. Oh, I LOVE smoothies! I used to have one every single day for breakfast, though these days it’s more like 3-4 times a week. My favorite recipe is uber simple: 1 cup milk, 1 banana. Tada! I also like to add a handful of blueberries or sometimes peanut butter. Good stuff, and surprisingly filling!

  3. Nice post. I don’t drink smoothies much to be honest. I used to occasionally. I would use soy milk and a small thing of yogurt. I can’t use regular milk because it makes me sick. Maybe when I am on my own and get a decent blender I might try more.

    • Now, I’m not a huge fan of milk, but I don’t know what I would do if it made me sick. I use it a lot with other foods.

      I’ve used soy milk in oatmeal before. Like, the vanilla kind. So YUM!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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