Quick, yummy, and efficient!

So it’s been a really hectic week (or month… or year…. But ESPECIALLY this week), so I wanted to do something quick and easy for my family for dinner. I had no energy and really no time, and a houseful of leftovers that were a little bit here and a little bit there, so I made my specialty: Leftovers omelet. It was a huge hit!

Basically, what I do is take a bunch of leftovers that seem as though they might go okay together but will be irritating as tiny bits eaten individually. Then I cut them all up into bite sized pieces, sauté them in a little butter until warm (if you have pieces of different densities, make sure that you cook the heavier stuff first and toss in the lighter stuff a bit later). While they are sautéing, I beat up an appropriate number of eggs with salt, white pepper, and whatever spices/herbs will go (in my house, it’s generally mustard, garlic, paprika, and whatever else I’m in the mood for). When everything is hot, I pour the scrambled egg mixture over the top of the ingredients (in this instance, it was cut up chicken nuggets, and some leftover veggies including potato, but I’ve done it with any number of things – my favorite is probably chicken parm, but it’s also great with thanksgiving leftovers or even little odds and ends from all the week’s dinners). Then just scramble it up until it’s cooked to your preferred dryness! It may sound odd, but really it’s quite delicious. We all love it and necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention.

From a completely “oh man, what the HECK am I going to make?” moment to an awesome leftovers scramble in about 10 minutes tops! What have you made that is a quick and easy family favorite that others might see as an odd combo? Let me know! ☺


7 thoughts on “Quick, yummy, and efficient!

  1. SO FUNNY I was thinking about doing a blog of odd food combinations, spawned by my hot dog pizza from last week. We had one crust left and no normal pizza toppings, so hot dogs it was! It wasn’t the best, and I won’t make it a regular meal, but it was a nice change.

    I love this omelet idea, though. Rock on!

  2. Oh we put weird things on homemade pizzas too *grin* hot dogs doesn’t sound bad. Wasn’t great, though? Then maybe I won’t try it… 🙂

    Our omelets were yum, though. I have been making those since I was a kid…. and now my family loves them too!

  3. Chicken nuggets and omelets? That actually sounds tasty. My husband is not used to the idea of omelet for breakfast so we also out together some unique omelet ideas. Turmeric and leftover beans ended up in one pan once!

    For a quickie dish, I actually made “pizza sandwiches” for lunch. I just sliced some boule bread, lay on provolone cheese on each slice, added mushrooms, olives, garlic powder and Italian herb seasoning and toasted it. For mine, I added turkey pepperoni. Definitively ooey-gooey and tasty!

    • Ooo your pizza sandwiches sound great! Hmm I may actually have a little pepperoni leftover in the house. I feel a dinner coming on!

      Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  4. Truthfully, this sounds great… it is one step away from being a left-over quiche! Quiche has so many possibilities, and this just opens it up to even more! 🙂

  5. Oh – I know what I’m making this weekend… Quiche. A couple week ago I made a Mexican lasagna and that lasted for my work lunches until now. Need a new freeze and take.

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