Hamburgers and Hot Dog. Buns. And being sleazy.

So how often does this happen?  You have ground beef but no hamburger buns.  You have hot dog buns but no hot dogs.  What’s a Chicklet to do?

The Beef Dog.

Beef Dog Cooking

Okay, I admit.  I had some sleazy names for this at first, Hot Beef being one of them.  I kept thinking of the movie quote with a hot beef injection.   And I was feeding this to my kids!  Making it also was pretty sleazy.  I put cheese sticks in the middle, giving it a … I’m just going to stop there.  Sleazy.

But tasty.

So how do you make it?  Take your ground beef and season it the way you like it.  Then roll it like you’re making patties, and then roll it between your hands to elongate it.  This is where I added a cheese stick, and then covered it with the beef.  Just a note – I used a cheese stick half, done the long way.  And these Beef Dogs are pretty dense, so I’d use maybe a fifth of a pound for each one.  A quarter pound was way too much.

Beef Dog on a Bun

I cooked them in a frying pan for about five minutes for the top and five for the bottom, and a couple extra minutes on each side.  Served it up on a hot dog bun with avocado and french fries.

Eat and enjoy!

Now you tell me of a time where you used what you had instead of what you needed.  Give me more sleazy things to cook!


11 thoughts on “Hamburgers and Hot Dog. Buns. And being sleazy.

  1. HaHahaha! Oh my goodness, those look so wrong! But I am sure they were delicious! I cannot trump sleazy. I can only talk about stinky: fava beans. They smell wrong, like ripened sewage. My husband drinks the foul smelling broth like it’s nectar. To the beans he adds apple cider vinegar and a spice found his in country that smells like poo (seriously, it does). The first time he put the beans in front of me, I nearly gagged at the smell BUT (and it’s a huge one), those beans are the most delicious legumes on the planet. We fight over who’ll finish the bowl first! 🙂 I just have to hold my breath and remove the sewage image from my mind.

    • Okay, ewww! Drinking the broth? EWWWW!! I had friends who used to challenge themselves to drink pickle juice without making faces. HA!

      How brave of you to even try the beans.

      Want to guest blog with the recipe? If I can cook brussel sprouts, maybe I can do these stinky beans. 🙂

      • I cannot watch him drink the broth! It gives me the willies! I would be thrilled to share this awesome recipe with people. They are delicious and I know how to cook them from the can and from the fresh dried beans. 🙂 Let me know how and when.

      • Actually, I drink the pickling juice from bottles of pickled herring all the time… lovely stuff, though it is essentially just herring flavored wine vinegar. 🙂

      • LOL! You’ve never smelled fava bean broth – it smells like sewage. I have drank the pickle jar juice before. That doesn’t gross me out so much.

  2. Don’t we always use what we have, and not what we need? If we don’t have it, we don’t use it. (I know, I am being semantic here)

    That being said, to me this is just a brilliant use of improvisation, something that I feel is a requirement in the kitchen. You have to look around at what you have, and use what you have in order to present a meal that makes sense.

    I mean, realistically, what you have done is presented to your family beef hotdogs… but the hotdogs have had their casings removed prior to cooking. What you have essentially done is make your own sausage! I expect that if you wanted this to look more like an actual hotdog, what you could do is throw the ground beef into a food processor and get it down even finer, then add some egg and bread to the mix and roll that up, then pan fry it. It would have a smoother texture much like a hot dog, but you would know everything that went into it.

    • I also think it’s fab. Like you said, it’s pretty much a beef hotdog with cheese. I think maybe the shape of it looks so eerily similar to the something that floats in the toilet that it makes others squeamish. I love it. I still giggle thinking about it.

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