And now for something a little different…

Well, it can’t be *completely* different, or it wouldn’t be food related, right?

Did you know that an apple in the morning gives you more of an energy boost—and a longer-lasting boost, too—than a cup of coffee? I read that somewhere.

Try it tomorrow and tell me how it goes. I don’t think I can do it. Starbucks is my fairy godmother. 🙂

Actually, no, that’s not true. I bring apples with me on long drives. I’d rather have the natural sugar (and energy) from an apple than the artificial stuff from those tiny-bottled energy drinks. Apples are cheaper and better for you, too, and the energy lasts longer. Also, they’re biodegradable, so if you toss the core out the window, you’re feeding the woodland creatures. Win-win situation, right?

Now you know.


6 thoughts on “And now for something a little different…

  1. While we’re being out of the ordinary, let me extend a major thank you to the Chicklits for the wonderful book I won. I’m absolutely ecstatic!

    Now, onto the apple/coffee topic – I find the apples work better for me later in the day. All that fiber, um, ’nuff said!

    • Beth, afternoons are good times for apple pick-me-up’s too. A friend at work complained that the old “2:30 feeling” was for real. Mind you, he had a baby on the way and was studying for his CPA exam, in addition to a full time job. I suggested he try two things: an apple at 2:30, and cut out carbs at lunch. He told me the next week it works really well!

      Congrats on winning the book!! 🙂

  2. My boys used to claim they only liked certain apples, even though I knew they liked more. So I tried to not let them see the bag, and if the shape was different enough to be identifiable, I’d cut it up, too.

    Now they eat them all (except Thing 1 doesn’t do green and Thing 2 doesn’t do red delicious). I love serving apple slices or putting some on a sandwich. Yum!

    • I’m not a big green apple fan, myself, but I think I need to give them another try, just to be fair. I used to be all about the Red Delicious, but when they weren’t on sale and Gala was, I gave them a try. Now they’re my new favorite.

      The more I see how bad juice is for you, the more I try to focus on eating the whole fruit, not fruit juice. Nature intends for you to have the fiber, too, not just the sugar.

      Did I mention my teenager now calls me “the nutritionista”? 🙂 I wear the name proudly! I took an online longevity quiz and it says I should live to be 92. Provided, of course, I move to Canada. (They didn’t have an option to indicate that you live in the continental 48. The test developers were located in Toronto.) Let’s hope living in PA won’t count against me. I *like* the idea that my life isn’t even half over yet!

      • I agree with not being a super fan of green apples. Dunno, just not so sweet as I would like. As for eating them, they are also my sidekick in my purse, in my tote for work and anywhere I go. My blood-sugar drops quickly and I find that a delicious gala or fuji (or is it fiji?) apple does the trick (I’m picky too if I can help it!). 🙂

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