The Lunch and Summer Camp

This is the fifth year the Things are heading to summer camp.  For the first couple of years, I made their lunches every day.  The third year I told my husband he had to make lunch one day a week.  Then the next year I told him he had to do it for a full week in addition to the one day.

This year,  I’ve had it.  I can’t do it anymore.  Day after day after day of lunches (they buy lunch during the school year unless it’s something they don’t like – we go over the menu the beginning of every month).  The thought makes my stomach curl.

So I did the daring – and told Husband that HE is in charge of lunches this year.  I’d take one day or do a full week or whatever, but the every day is for him.

This is now a challenge for me.  I like to make sure the boys have protein, calcium, and a fruit or veggie.  I’m sure Husband will pull from the four food groups of bread, chips, cookies, and deli meat.  And I will try very hard not to complain or suggest he make it healthier.  Though I might go in behind him and change some things.  🙂  You won’t tell, will you?


5 thoughts on “The Lunch and Summer Camp

  1. LOL, I won’t tell! I always recommend peanut butter (if they are not allergic). Packed full of protein for growing kids and yes, there might be sugar and saturated fat but if your Things are like my nephews, they’ll burn it off and two hours (like cheetahs, those two are!!). Pair it up with high fiber, whole grain bread, an apple/raisins and baked chips; you’ve got yourself a ready to go lunch that hopefully will keep them energized all day. 🙂

    • I agree! And thankfully they took a liking to peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

      So far this week, lunches have been deli meat and bread, chips, and jello. I’m not saying a word. The kids love it, of course. *sigh*

  2. Yeah…. where is the fruit in that line-up? Thinking back to when my mom would pack my lunch (and I brought my lunch to school all the way through high school) I always had a piece of fruit in there (usually a plum or nectarine… some sort of rock fruit…) along with a sandwich and perhaps a sweet of some sort (in my high school years my mom worked as a prep cook for a local resort hotel… we would get some really cool desserts at home sometimes, and these would also inevitably find their way into my lunches from time to time.)

    That said, my thoughts on lunch for a kid are that you need some protein, some starch, and a bit of natural sugar in there to complete the picture so that they can last until the end of the day. Keep it low on the fatty stuff, and don’t overfeed.

    • Jon, my heart still breaks when I think of the lunches my mother made for my brother and me. Pete hated fruit and often either traded it for cookies or chips, or he threw it out, untouched.

      It’s not just parents/spouses who live by the “you won’t tell” rule.

      • Jon, you need to talk to Husband about it. Because I know if I say anything, he’ll tell me put up or shut up. 🙂 Hmmmm…. that might be his plan all along.

        Carla, sometimes I pack an extra cheese stick in their lunches because their friends like them. I want my kiddies to have the calcium so they can share and still get the nutrients.

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