Pub at Wegmans Review

My teenage sons and I have a new favorite place to eat: Wegmans.

Previously on Friday nights, I’d get fast food. They loved it, and it gave me a break from cooking. They’d choose from between the usual suspects: BK, McD’s, Wendy’s or Chick Fil-A.

Problem being, when I went vegetarian, my options became limited. (Yes, there’s fries, but I’m trying to limit my carbs.) Then I watched HBO’s “The Weight of the Nation” and my mind was blown by all the additives in prepared food that I’d rather not serve my children. It made me wonder if, by virtue of fast food, could I be charged with child endangerment?

Not long ago, Rochester, NY-based Wegman’s opened a store near us in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. (Yes, PA has some odd names for towns. It’s part of the charm.) It’s huge and gorgeous, and about fifteen minutes away. There were two other stores in the area, but at least half an hour away, so with gas prices what they are, I needed a reason to go there. Now I have a reason: it’s Friday.

Last week I took the boys to the Pub at Wegmans, and we sat down and ordered a meal—in a supermarket!—and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m told that if you ask nicely, they’ll invite you to the kitchen and the chef will show you how to make it yourself. The pizzas that the boys had were available to purchase in the amazing ready-made meal area. Cooking instructions are provided on the package. Pop it in the oven and it’s dinner!

Then there’s the buffet. It’s not all-you-can-eat, but you pick out what you want and it gets weighed at the register. Next time we go, I need to take a picture of the gleam in the boys’ eyes when they see the wing bar, complete with fries, mozzarella sticks, and several varieties of wings. Ryan insists if they ever make garlic bread, he’s packing his bags and moving in.

There are a ton of choices for me, the veg. I keep forgetting to try the stuffed portobello mushrooms; I’m too distracted by the Asian selections. I’ll part the crowds to get to the vegetable lo mein.

Then there’s the bakery. Their chocolate chip cookies almost didn’t make it home, and the decorated cupcakes and cookies are just delightful! (Not sure I could bring myself to eat a cupcake Phillies Phanatic; it’s too cute!) Just in case you missed it, the self-serve dessert bar is just before the registers. I didn’t dare look for too long or the sugar tractor beam would’ve sucked me in, but I saw something that looked like a sugar taco with icing and sprinkles. That was when I turned for the salad.

Wegmans is a little pricey, but it’s worth it. We spent $45 on a night’s meal, not including a few small things that lasted the weekend. Like, for instance, last night’s dinner: Home Made Brand Spinach Quiche. Microwaved, it’s perfect for a quick meal after a long day. A little cheddar sprinkled over the top and a dash of garlic salt, and I’m done for the night, folks. I didn’t see it but I understand there’s also a crustless version for our gluten-free friends.

I can’t say enough about the friendly people there, too. I’ve never seen anyone there in a bad mood. Especially the customers. If you’re lucky enough to have a Wegmans within an hour, do go see it. And don’t forget to take your coupons! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Pub at Wegmans Review

  1. My parents have had a Wegman’s near them for a few years now. That place blows me away. When we drive down to see them, we always know where we’re stopping before we hit the road home. I live a bit too far away to bring actual groceries back (not to mention dealing with customs in that regard), but lunch on the road? There’s nowhere else!

    • Hi Ash,

      Wegman’s is one of the biggest things I’m going to miss if I move. My favorite thing to is to go shopping around lunchtime, take a break enjoy a hot, fresh gourmet meal then finish shopping.

      But I see your point about customs. 🙂

  2. Ash, I know the store you’re talking about. I haven’t been there in a while so I don’t know if they’ve renovated, but the newer ones in Collegeville and King of Prussia are SO nice! It never ceases to amaze me that every time they build one of these things, they’re bigger than the previous ones. The first time I walked into the Collegeville store, I felt like I needed a map to get around. Then I just started following the smell of good food and I figured things out. 🙂

    Of course, the advantage to the Allentown Wegmans is, it’s not far from Josh Early Candies. *grin* Now that I think of it, the Josh Early Candies is across the street from the original P.J. Whelihan’s. I could consider breaking my veg diet for their wings. Mmm!

    The one thing our Wegmans doesn’t have that I wish it had was, headlights. The store in Liverpool, NY, used to make donuts iced with chocolate, with a dollop of white cream on top. I grew up on those as a kid, visiting my grandparents in the summer, or any time my family went to visit. Then again, my pants are probably better off without them. 🙂

    • Hmmm…Not sure what Josh Early Candies are. Perhaps you should send me some so I can taste test! 🙂 I’ll take anything in chocolate! 😀

  3. So, I sort of have dinner – or lunch, rather – at the supermarket (if you consider Sam’s a supermarket). We go when there are samples galore. My kids get to try new stuff and I have fun pushing them on the flat-bed carts.

    Though one day we went and all the samples were of treat-type things: ice cream, cheesecake, popsicles, smoothies…

    I think $45 is a good price for family bonding.

    • Abigail, you’re right, it’s a reasonable price considering the fun we had and the shared time together. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood in Wegman’s. You’d have to really work at it, so for all of us to have fun, laugh a little, and get a great, fresh dinner that I enjoy serving? Priceless.

    • I miss Sam’s. There’s not one within 50 miles of my home. Bummer. I bet my boys would love the free samples. Every now and then, Wegman’s does free samples too. Maybe they do it more often, but I only notice when the boys are with me because, then they’re all over them! 🙂

  4. Bah! I wish we had a Wegman’s! Sometimes I’ll go to the buffet at the Whole Foods, which is yummy but totally not the same thing. It’s way overpriced. Plus, it’s fairly far from my house.


    Cool that y’all found such a fun place – at the GROCERY STORE no less!

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