Pasta Salad, Today & Tomorrow–Gluten-Free Style

Hi Chicklets! Today I’m going to talk about pasta salad. Whether you’re in Florida battening down for Debby or in the Outer Banks on vacation or in Canada battling a heat wave, this pasta salad is right for you. And it’s SO EASY to make.

First, visit Wegman’s Gluten-Free section! Wegman’s isn’t paying for advertising, but that grocery store is a Gluten-Free Girl’s dream come true! It has one of the best gluten-free sections around! Even better is that Wegman’s puts out products that are completely gluten-free. So they’re less expensive than the speciality brand and in some cases even tastier! Case in point… Fusilli!

Anyone who’s gluten-free knows how hard it is to find pasta that’s still good in a cold salad the next day. Well, Wegman’s Fusilli solved that problem!

Here’s the recipe for an easy pasta salad that’s as good fresh off the stove as it is after sitting in the fridge all night.

Fusilli Salad

1 Bag Wegman’s Fusilli

1/2 small container of cherry tomatoes

1/4 C Black olives, pitted

1 large bunch of broccoli

1/4 C Fat Free, Gluten-Free Italian Dressing

Freshly grated parmesan cheese

Salt & Pepper to taste

Start by bringing 6 cups of water to a boil. Once the boil is rolling add a teaspoon of Italian dressing to the water, a dash of salt, a dash of pepper and the fusilli. Boil the pasta about 7-10 minutes until al dente then add the fresh broccoli florets. Boil for about 5 minutes.

Rinse pasta and broccoli under cold running water until the pasta has cooled slightly. Toss in a bowl and add the remaining Italian dressing. The trick here is for the pasta to be slightly cooler than fresh boiled but not cold when the Italian dressing is added. The fusilli will absorb the oil better and remain soft but not too mushy the next day.

Add tomatoes, olives and cheese then gently mix until everything is evenly coated with the dressing. Serve and enjoy.

Like I said, this also makes a great day after salad for when you don’t feel like fixing a meal after spending all day at the beach or when Debby has rudely knocked out your power. 🙂

Happy Gluten-Free Eating!


16 thoughts on “Pasta Salad, Today & Tomorrow–Gluten-Free Style

  1. Hi Mary,
    First of all, what’s a Wegman’s? Uh, okay. I Googled them and they’re all in the north east. Since I’m down here in Texas, I’ll see if maybe they’ve got partner stores we can check into. In any event, I’m sure we can find gluten free pasta down here, somewhere. I have several friends who are GF, so will point them to your recipe. It looks fabulous, and since it’s over 100 degrees down here right now, this recipe is just the ticket to put a happy ending on a busy day. Thanks for sharing!

    • The thing about GF pasta is that it rarely holds up after being refrigerated. It’s usually mushy or chewy the next day. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s corn pasta instead of rice pasta, but this particular pasta is AWESOME.

      Stay cool down there in TX! 😀

  2. Heh, heatwave’s over for the moment here. Yesterday, it barely got up to 70! Not that I’m complaining. OTOH, I loves me some pasta salad…

    Jaye, you have got to see Wegman’s to believe it. We don’t have them this far north, but there’s one near my parents’ in PA. It’s kind of a cross between fancy grocery store and buffet!

    • Ash,

      I think your description is spot-on! It is a cross between a fancy grocery store adn a buffet. But all I can say is…”YUM!” 😀

    • Hi Abigail,

      The two things I missed most when I went gluten-free were bread and pasta. Now I’ve got the pasta covered. I just need to find awesome hot, fresh gluten-free Italian or French bread and I’ll be all set! 🙂

  3. So there I was, staring at pasta, cherry tomatoes and green veggies wondering what on earth I could do with them. And there you were! Yay! Problem solved.

    Wish our stores did healthy meals. Down here they most sell calorie-laden fried chicken. Sigh…

    Anyone else to finally escape the house after a little storm called Debbie? It felt sooooo good to drive past the “Road Closed” signs as they finally reopened the main road for the first time in 3 days of flooding.

    • Hi Beth,

      Glad the recipe came in handy for you. 🙂 Congrats on being able to leave home. Good to know Debby decided to move on.

      Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  4. This sounds perfect! Oddly enough, I was in a different store tonight and saw pasta on sale and thought, “I’m trying to cut back on carbs; I’m not going to buy that,” but the idea of pasta salad stuck in my head. When we do our Friday Wegmans visit, I’ll be sure to check out their GF pasta! It’s not carb-free but it’s better for me than plain processed pasta, so it’s a step in the right direction.

    I heard Alec Baldwin suggested to his mother than she move from her home in Syracuse, NY. (For those who don’t know, upstate NY has 2 seasons: winter and July.) He offered to buy her a place somewhere warmer, like CA or FL. Her first reaction was, “What, and leave my Wegmans? Never.” 🙂 Now that we have one this close, I can’t say I blame her one bit.

    Yay! Pasta salad this weekend!!

    • I think we should tell Alec to move her to Albuquerque, NM and have him convince Wegman’s to build a store out there. I’d say it’s a win-win situation for all! 😀

      That’s the nice thing about going gluten-free, a lot less heavily-processed food! Enjoy your pasta salad this weekend! 🙂

  5. This looks delicious and very similar to my own pasta salad! I do the same – just toss in everything I’d put in a regular salad except the greens. Then dress it with a vinaigrette.

    I’m so glad that you managed to make it good even gluten free!

    And now I have TWO grocery stores to be sad about not having: Wegmans and Trader Joe’s. *sigh* Alas…
    Glad you’ve got such a great place for your specialty foods, though!

    • Hi Lizzie,

      You know, we have a Trader Joes in the area, but I’ve never been there because I found Wegman’s first. 😀

      I swear the best pasta salads are the ones we make with whatever’s in the fridge. It’s food we’d normally eat mixed with pasta. Best of all, no preservatives or additives like in boxed pasta salads.

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