Happy 4th of July from the Gluten-Free Girl

How do you celebrate Independence Day? Normally, in my house, we celebrate by swimming in the local pool or lake, grilling outside and making something red, white and blue for dessert!

Today is no exception! If my boys have their way, we’ll swim at the lake in the morning and the pool this afternoon! 🙂

But as a Gluten-Free mom, I need to make sure whatever I serve for dessert is yummy and something even I can eat. So this year, I’m going with an American tradition. Jell-O!

I’d hoped to have done it already so I’d have pictures to post, but I’ve only been home from vacation for two days and haven’t had a chance to prepare a recipe. So I promise to post pictures once it’s done.

In the meantime, what do you do to celebrate the fourth? Any special red, white and blue recipes you’d like to share? 😀


9 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July from the Gluten-Free Girl

  1. Even though I am not a fan of apple pie (I know, sacrilegious!! I’m a blueberry pie kind of gal) I made one for my folks. For my husband and I, we roasted corn and made a vinegar slaw (and one with mayo for him) and roasted chicken. Simple but enjoyable. 🙂 Then of course, we watched the fireworks.

      • Thanks! Growing up, I used to slather everything in mayo and one day after making mayo from scratch and realizing what was in it, I lost the taste for it. I rarely use it, in minute quantities, not even a tablespoon worth IF i need it. When I was in Turkey, they pickle a lot of veggies and I got addicted to pickled red cabbage. I came home, I played around to make some sort of pickled slaw that’s a little sweet and serves the need for a slaw when I want one. 🙂

  2. Normally, grilling big fat cheeseburgers and corn on the cob are on our 4th of July menu, but this year I wasn’t feeling well. It was boring hotdogs and mac & cheese for the fam. Thankfully, I felt better later in the evening so we hit DQ for some awesome Blizzards and watched the various fireworks displays put on by our many neighbors. 🙂

    • Hi Lis,
      Both sound great to me! I barely got up in time to make the desserts. Taking photos were out of the question! The guys ate everything too fast!

      Hope you’re feeling better today. 😀

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