Recovery Day

I ran a 5K on Sunday, the Philadelphia Color Run. This is me pre-race. You can tell because at this point, I’m not yet covered in “color”.  Everyone starts the run wearing as much white as possible, and at each kilometer checkpoint, volunteers sprayed color on the runners (in the form of colored corn starch). Theoretically, by the end of 3.1 miles, you should resemble an Easter egg with feet.

I had to represent. 🙂

It was more of a fun run than a race, and due to the excessive heat and humidity, they chopped a kilometer off the run (the purple checkpoint; my favorite), but it was still fun, especially at the end, when the most recent finishers gathered in a small parking lot in front of the Art Museum (hence the Rocky statue) to throw their packets of color in the air. Alas, I wussed out and came out with so little color on me, it wasn’t even worth taking a picture. Next year I will NOT be a wallflower.

In an unusually bright act of planning ahead, I scheduled the day after as a recovery day:  a vacation day from work, no chores, no errands, nothing; not even knitting. But me being me, I couldn’t just sit still for 24 hours, so I decided to bake some cookies:


Got milk? 🙂

I bet you wish you’d run a 5K too, don’t you? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Recovery Day

  1. Aw, man, I wanted to see pictures of you looking like an Easter egg! Don’t wuss out next year!!

    I’m impressed with your running prowess. And I think cookies are a most awesome way to recover.

  2. Running is the last link I have to my sanity on some days. 🙂 I really can’t remember why I didn’t start doing this earlier, but I’m glad I’m doing it now. Plus it balances out the cookies I ate yesterday. 🙂

  3. Oh, you should have still taken a picture of the parts of you that still got plastered in color. Go for it next year!

    Anything with chocolate is an excellent way to recover from any workout!

  4. Umm…no, I don’t wish I had run a 5k, too! I’d be dead. 😛 But I’m glad you’re loving it and next year we expect to see a pic of you as colorful as a rainbow–heavy on the purple!

    P.S. I wish I could reach into my monitor and grab a handful of those cookies!

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