Salad Days

Sorry for being late today. Life is slightly chaotic. You know what I mean.

Actually, I need to ask for some advice. This being among the hottest days of the year, salad is my favorite dinner; it’s cool, healthy, and doesn’t require turning on the stove. (Though I should add that before I went vegetarian, one of my favorite salads included broiling a steak, slicing it up, and laying it over a lovely green salad and drizzling with ranch dressing.)

Since that’s not an option anymore, I need some ideas.

Last night I made a lovely salad of romaine, tomato, onion and cucumber. I shredded some “seafood mix” (I’m either a pescetarian or I believe there isn’t really any fish in that stuff; either way, it’s tasty) and sprinkled that over it, and it was quite good. But that’s the extent of my creativity lately.

What’s your favorite summertime salad? I’m taking suggestions. Thanks!!

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13 thoughts on “Salad Days

  1. Because I need nutrients for medical reasons, I don’t put much lettuce in my salads. Tomato, Vidalia onion, black olives, beans (garbanzo or red kidney], eggplant (sautee big chunks in pan until cooked but still fairly firm), and whatever veggies are leftovers. Yesterday it was cooked asparagus and raw broccoli. If local shrimp are in, sections of boiled/spiced shrimp. If you must have carbs, try some boiled rotini sprinkled throughout. Black truffle oil with multiple grinds of Italian dipping spices for seasoning/dressing. Occasionally feta or blue cheese crumbles, but watch the portions on the cheese as it’s high calorie, right up there with chocolate. Rotini you can have up to one cup for around 210 calories. Those smaller red/yellow/orange peppers they’re starting to sell in bags are luscious and sweet chopped up as well.

    • Beth, this sounds terrific! And I’m with you; when I go to Saladworks, I ask them to mix it up, half lettuce, half spinach. Much tastier and a lot better for me.

      Speaking of cheese, Yancey’s Fancy makes small bags of cheese curds that also sprinkle well on salad. And eggs. And in my hand. 🙂 I get them in Wegmans when they’re in stock, but often they’re sold out. No surprise; they’re delish!

      Mmm, asparagus! That may be my next recipe request. I had an itch for broiled asparagus the other day, after the local produce stand had a sign advertising it was on special.

  2. My fave summertime salad is cooked and drained tri-colored rotini with cubed salami, cubed Monterey Jack cheese, sliced black olives, halved cherry tomatoes, and chopped red onion. Toss it all with Kraft 3-Cheese Ranch dressing. Chill in fridge for several hours. It’s to die for!

    • Oh yum! I have to find that salad dressing; I haven’t seen it before, but I’ll be looking for it! I love dipping fresh veggies in Ranch!

  3. My favorite salad is, as Lis uses, the tri-colored rotini. Then I add carrots (coins, not shreds), red/yellow/orange peppers cut up, baby tomatoes, chunked cucumber, olives, red onion, hearts of palm, chick peas, artichoke hearts, and then whatever meats or cheeses people are in the mood for. I generally throw together a quick vinaigrette (or buy one if i’m feeling lazy) and then toss it in. I am famed in my family for my pasta salad 🙂

    • I used to make pasta salad with cubed Spam. Sooo good! One of the few things I miss since I went veg. (Got a story to tell on that one, but that’s for another day.)

    • Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I’m going to try this over the weekend. With tuna in it, I might even get the semi-picky teenagers to try it. (Alex recently discovered a love of fish. Ryan not so much, but if it has pasta, he calls dibs. I just won’t tell him about the tuna.) Thanks!!

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