Woman Plans, God Laughs

I had every intention of trying out this recipe over the weekend:


Caramel Tomatoes

I mean, what’s not to love about Caramel Tomatoes, right? Sounds just crazy enough to be delicious. I love tomatoes and I love anything sweet. Plus tomatoes are good for you. Winning all around!

I was going to go to the store for the ingredients (it’s so simple, all I needed was the tomatoes), but I didn’t get a chance. My RWA chapter met on Saturday for a four-hour workshop with the inimitable Bob Mayer and Jen Talty, and I was so excited that I went home and put all my fresh ideas into a WIP. And I cut the grass. It wasn’t getting any shorter.

Sunday looked better, but I had a practice run ahead of me. (I’m running a half marathon in October.) Six miles later, I had not a single ounce of energy left. I don’t even remember if I made dinner. Thank God the half is 11 weeks away. I’m going to need all of it to get ready.

Anyway, the recipe looks and sounds fabulous. I’ll let you know on Saturday when I test it out. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Woman Plans, God Laughs

  1. Smart alec! 🙂 *You* run six miles and then see how long you want to (or can) stand in the kitchen. I’d have ordered pizza if I hadn’t already done that last week.

    I’m already thinking I might need someone to go with me to the Half, so if I can’t drive myself home, someone else can do it. The problem is, who would be willing to stick around for 2.5 hours waiting for me to finish this thing?

    Biggest lesson learned from running: after a long run, don’t sit around for too long. Atrophy sets in fast and is hard to get rid of. The best thing I did after the 6 miles was, I threw in some laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and generally kept moving, but standing for long periods? Wasn’t happening. 😉

    • I just don’t know about tomatoes stewed in something sweet. I prefer mine just chopped and mixed up with avocado. I am, however, very jealous of the workshop with Bob Mayer! He’s one of my idols! I want to be a warrior writer just like him. 😉

    • Give me a half gallon of French vanilla coffee, a large bag of Lay’s Lightly Salted potato chips, a good book, and I’ll wait for ya. Someone else will have to drive us both home, though! 😀

      • You may be waiting a while; bring two bags. I don’t expect to finish in under 2 hours. 🙂 But I DO expect to finish!

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