Crock Pot Hot Dogs for a Birthday Party Crowd

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Now on to the post!

You know what I hate?  When I do something kitchen-y and think, “I should blog about this!” and then forget to take pictures.

Case in point – Thing2’s birthday party.  I didn’t want to serve pizza for lunch, so I thought, what else do boys like to eat?  Hot Dogs!  But how to cook hot dogs for ten kids and more adults?  Crock pot!

No, seriously.  I did it in the slow cooker.  I really wanted to cook 60, for the pure pleasure of saying “I cooked 60 hot dogs in the crock pot,” but since there were only about 20 folks at the party, I thought 60 might be overkill.  So I settled on 40.  And forgot to take the picture of the hot dogs all clamoring for space.

But I did get a picture  – after everyone had eaten.  sigh

Slow-cooked Dogs

So here’s what you do:
Buy the hot dogs.
Put them in the slow cooker.
Cook for two hours on high.
No need to add water – hot dogs have their own moisture.
And voila!  Lunch for a hungry crowd.  They were plump and juicy and hot and yummy!

I just dumped the dogs in there, but if I were cooking more… say, 60 … then I’d probably stand them up so they’d all fit.  And I do want to try that one day.  Maybe for his Bar Mitzvah.

Your turn!  What weird or funky thing have you done with your slow cooker?  Or for a birthday party?  Comment in the next couple of days  for a chance to win a copy of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.  It’s a used copy (I got it at the local library book sale), but full of great recipe ideas for the frugal.



6 thoughts on “Crock Pot Hot Dogs for a Birthday Party Crowd

  1. The question is: Do they taste as good as they do on the Foreman Grill? I realize you can’t make as many at a time on the foreman, but wondering how it compares.

    You can use a crock pot to make almost anything!

    I don’t think I’ve made anything too weird in there, though.

    Weirdest birthday party thing also wasn’t weird – i made the cupcakes in the ice cream cones. Which the kids LOVED! But I tend to not be toooo experimental when it comes to entertaining.

    So cool, though, that you did this!

    (ps: I know I’m not winning this cookbook but now you’ve made me want to go to the library book sale *sob*)

  2. I saw a recipe link a few days ago for making bread in a slow cooker and wondered if it would brown on top, etc. And I’m a little surprised how interested in this I was and am. Have any of you ever tried it?

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