Comfort Food

I had a bad day yesterday. A fight with my significant other laced through the weekend, combined with my parents visiting (I love them to pieces but my dad sometimes makes me nervous), and a big race coming up this weekend (my first half marathon) plus a long bus ride to Rhinebeck for a yarn festival. My nerves were on edge, so as soon as I came home from work, my mind went right to:

What is there to eat?

Not the best question to ask when you’re preparing to run 13 miles and change, I know, but there was no going around it. I ended up with a small bowl of unsalted potato chips, two pieces of chocolate, a bottle of iced green tea, and a chocolate chip cookie the size of Rhode Island. Because it didn’t make me feel all that much better, I made pasta with mushroom tomato sauce for dinner.

Of course, what made me feel a whole heck of a lot better—for way fewer calories—was having a long talk with my SO. And a hug. I wish I’d thought of that before. 🙂

So tell me, when you’re overwhelmed by life and its assorted challenges, what comfort food do you run for? When you’re sick or just tired, or your headache just won’t go away, what do you need to find in your kitchen?

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Fiction Writer wannabe; mom of 2 boys (one teenager, one with autism); addicted crocheter/knitter; BIG fan of the iPod and the Philadelphia Phillies. Ask me about my camera, too. Or better yet, say cheese!

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