Roasted Garlic and a giveaway!

You know how restaurants serve you bread and butter, or bread and an oil dip?  A Long Time Ago, I went to an Italian restaurant that served bread and roasted cloves of garlic.

I was instantly addicted.  Done right, it spreads like butter and smells SO GOOD.  I even bought one of those garlic roaster thingies so I could do my own.  Unfortunately, it takes a long time to cook, and I, like everyone else out there, am often pressed for time.  Also, I felt the drain of wasted energy – an oven set at 400 degrees for an hour for a lone head of garlic?

But the other day, I got a hankering.  The ceramic roaster was long gone, but I figured aluminum foil would work just as well.  And instead of the huge kitchen oven, I could use the toaster oven.  Let’s do this!

Roasted Garlic

You will need:
One head of garlic
Aluminum foil
A toaster oven (or a regular oven if you’re cooking something else that can withstand the garlic)
Cooking spray or oil.  I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but I’ve always used it.

Preheat the toaster oven to 400 degrees.
Slice the top off the garlic head.  Just enough to expose the actual cloves.
Loosely rap the head in aluminum foil.  I plunk it down in the middle and gather it on top.
Put the garlic in the toaster and cook for an hour.

The garlic head depleted of garlic

If you can withstand the temptation, let it cool a bit before you use it.  You can use a knife to scrape each clove, or squeeze the head to make sure you get every last bit of garlicky goodness.  Be careful, though, because it will splurt out when you squeeze.

I had a nice, crusty loaf of French bread and I covered it with both the butter and the garlic to make – you guessed it – garlic bread.  So amazing and delicious and EASY!!!

Tell me what’s your favorite garlic recipe?  Comment in the next few days for a chance to win What Can I Bring? Cookbook by Anne Byrn.

Garlic bread with butter, Parmesan cheese and parsley

5 thoughts on “Roasted Garlic and a giveaway!

  1. Truthfully, one of my favorite garlic recipes is just a bit of pan-frying…

    one clove of garlic
    one small onion (the smaller the better)
    1/2 pound of asparagus
    kosher salt

    Chop the garlic and onion
    Cut the asparagus down into bite-sized pieces. I usually aim for about two inches long.
    Heat up a frying pan that has good “flippability”. A wok would also work quite well.
    Throw in a pat or two of butter to grease up the sides.
    Add in the onion and garlic and get that going. Not too hot, or you’ll burn the garlic, and that is just not good.
    Once the onion is starting to go translucent, add in the asparagus. Let the asparagus brown in places… you want that browning to happen, as that is good taste!
    Once it all looks pretty much done, throw in a sprinkle of the kosher salt to give it that kick, then serve.

  2. My husband tried to roast garlic last night in the smoker. It didn’t end well. Sigh. But I do love perfectly roasted garlic on goat cheese! Very yummy! 🙂

  3. I’ve never had roasted garlic! :- But I KNOW I’d LOVE it!

    I put garlic powder or minced garlic in almost everything. The Alfredo sauce I made the other night was awesome with addition of minced g and Hormel bacon bits. Yummo!

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