The Return of Guest Chick Elizabeth J. Kolodziej: DIY Zombie Punk Necklace

In my new Zombiepunk Series, the first book, Gravely Inanimated, has characters that wear masks like superheroes, zombies, Victorian era costumes, voodoo queens and all the steampunk you can handle. So I thought to myself, I’m going to dragonCON and I am going to be dressed up to the nines in full Victorian-type garb. Let’s make a necklace! On top of that, let me write a how to so other people can do the same for their costumes or everyday life.

Now, you may know me better as the writer for the paranormal romance The Last Witch Series, but for my new series I will be writing under the name Esther Wheelmaker. Just in case you are confused. 😉

Let’s begin!

First step: Get your supplies. For a necklace you are going to need a chain, charms you want to use, pliers, scissors, O rings to attach the chain to the charms and measuring tape.

The charms you pick are up to you, but because I wanted to make it Steampunk and something to represent my book I picked: an old Victorian era skeleton key, which can be found at antique stores. Then a mask to represent Aeron, the skull to represent the zombies, and a cog gear and wing which is just so Steampunk. All of which I purchased on Etsy at different stores.

Second step: You are going to need to measure. For instance I didn’t want the key, which is the ending point, to be at my stomach (haha), so I had to figure out how much chain I should use to connect the wing to the mask and then the mask to the key. One inch worked for mask to key. Keep in mind you will be using the O rings and that will add a smidge of length as well.

I measure the chain, count the little ring spaces and then cut it with the scissors at the far base where it is sharpest. There is probably a better way to do this, but I can be more of a MacGyver type when it comes to crafts.

Third step: Use the pliers to open the O rings and slip them through the charms to connect them all.

Fourth step: It is important to measure how long the chain will be coming from one end to the other and meeting in the middle so it isn’t lopsided. A mistake I made several times before figuring it out.

End result? A gorgeous necklace that got tons and tons of compliments while I was at the convention. Along with a great item that I will be using for a giveaway when the book is released. 🙂

You can find Liz (aka Ester Wheelmaker 😉 ) at:

Are you a crafty chicklet or rooster? What kind of crafts do you like to do?

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A 20-year Air Force career, time as a manager at a computer operations company, wife, mother, sister and volunteer, provides a rich background for Connie Cockrell’s story-telling. Cockrell grew up in upstate NY, just outside of Gloversville, NY before she joined the military at age 18. Having lived in Europe, Great Britain, and several places around the United States, she now lives in Payson, AZ with her husband: hiking, gardening, and playing bunko. She writes about whatever comes into her head so her books could be in any genre. She's published sixteen books so far, has been included in five different anthologies and been published on and Connie's always on the lookout for a good story idea. Beware, you may be the next one. She can be found at or on Facebook at: or on Twitter at: @ConnieCockrell or on Amazon at

5 thoughts on “The Return of Guest Chick Elizabeth J. Kolodziej: DIY Zombie Punk Necklace

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Liz! Very, very cool! I’ve always wanted to dabble in jewelry making. My forte has always been tole painting. I love the feel of an artist brush in my hand. 🙂 Right now, I’m having fun upcycling trash into treasures.

  2. Thank you girls! It was a lot of fun to do and now I am going to do a giveaway with that necklace when the book is released. 🙂
    It was actually pretty simple to do. Best part about it is you can replicate something you love but is really expensive by doing it this way.

    Liz ^_^

  3. Oh no! I don’t need a new obsession, but you make this look so awesome, I can hardly resist! Sigh. I may have to try it out over the weekend. This is just too cool.


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