Treat Week on Chicklets!

It’s Treat Week here at Chicklets in the Kitchen, where we’ll share our holiday sugar and traditions.  One commenter for the week will win a yet-to-be-identified cook book with desserts as the main focus.  YUM.

Chanukkah celebrates the miracle of one day’s worth of oil in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem lasting for eight days.  So the foods to celebrate this are fried in oil.  Jewish holidays don’t center so much on sugar as they do on FOOD in general (latkes, anyone?) but there are some dessert-type items that pop up.  For example, sufganiyah.  Or, more commonly known and more easily pronounced, the jelly doughnut. I suppose any fried-in-oil doughnut will do, but tradition says it has to be filled.

My family wasn’t much into jelly doughnuts.  I remember my grandparents serving these flavored fruit jelled things.  They came in lemon, lime, and orange, but my favorite was the red.  I don’t know what they’re called, though.  Anyone who does can have an extra entry into the cook book drawing.  🙂

I’ll have a fudgy recipe later on.  Check back every day to see what The Chicklets have in store for this holiday season.




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