Happy New Year from The Chicklets

Abigail here! Some of us Chicklets have gathered to talk about the New Year! I get to celebrate it twice, since Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year. There, we eat apples and honey. For the calendar new year, my family and I have a different tradition.

Two years ago the Things realized they have the ability to stay awake until midnight, so now we make a whole night of it. We go to a child-friendly neighborhood party, then we race to Moe’s Southwest Grill before it closes. After we come home, we eat nachos and watch movies until about 11:45, then turn on Dick Clark and watch the ball drop. The Things are in bed by 12:05 and asleep by 12:06, but I love ringing in the new year with my family around me.

It won’t be the same without Dick, though. 😦

Times Square has nothing on Flagstaff’s lighted pine cone.

Arlene here. Last year, my New Year’s Eve consisted of the world-famous Pine Cone Drop in beautiful downtown Flagstaff. I’m not kidding. It really is kind of famous. It made a list of “quirky celebrations” in Huffington Post or something.

They have two each year — one at 10 p.m. to mark the East Coast New Year (and get munchkins home and in bed at a decent hour), and another at the traditional witching hour, midnight. The Boyfriend and I went to the early festivities, shivering all the way, then headed to Denny’s for burgers afterward.

This year, it’s supposed to be even colder outside — and I plan to stay snug in my bed, zoning out with SyFy’s Twilight Zone marathon while I compile my annual list of New Year’s resolutions. Not sure what they’ll contain … usually, it’s some variation on “eat less, exercise more.”

Isn’t that what everyone vows to do in the New Year?

 © moomsabuy Lis’Anne here! Way back when I was a little kid we used to throw on all our winter gear and run around outside at midnight banging wooden spoons on mom’s pots and pans, shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR! Times have changed – a lot! – and my kids always thought I was crazy for trying to get them to do that. So, the only tradition that’s carried on with me is to call my mom at 12:01 a.m. (or she calls me) to wish each other love, health, and happiness.

Now, New Year’s Day is a different matter. My mom always made her awesome vegetable soup loaded with cabbage to bring much luck for the next 365 days. We’d watch the Rose Parade and everyone would just hang out together as a family the rest of the day, watching movies/football. I’ve kind of kept the same tradition alive, but instead of veggie soup, I started making my sister-in-law’s amazing Greek dish called Hilukis (no one knows exactly how to spell it and I couldn’t find anything like it on a Google search. If you’re Greek and know what I’m talking about, do tell!). These giant meatballs of ground sausage and hamburger are baked in stewed tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, and cabbage. It’s served with mashed potatoes and garlic bread. My guys have always looked forward to it.

But this year I’m changing things up a bit. Since the cabbage has never really brought any of “good” luck, this year we’re grilling steaks, making my sister’s yummy loaded pasta salad and appetizers galore. Watching the parade will still be on the agenda, but since none of my guys are diehard football fans, we’ll do some movies. 😀

Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be the best ever, filled with love, laughter, and blessings untold!

The Gluten-Free Girl & Her Groom

Hi Chicklets! Mary here. New Year’s is doubly celebrated in my home. My husband and I married at 2:15pm on New Year’s Eve in 1996…exactly 6 months and 3 days after our first date! 🙂 But it’s been 16 years and it’s still fun.

For years, we’d rent a hotel room on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and throw a party. But with our children, it’s more important that we do a family-friendly celebration. So this year, we’re partying it up with another family whose boys are besties with mine. We’ll eat a steak dinner, dine on the best gluten-free cookies I can make, and drink sparkly stuff to ring in the New Year!

So what’s your favorite New Year’s tradition or memory?


Carla here. Someone on Facebook posted a pic that said, “2013, please be awesome.” That’s about how I feel. I can’t say 2012 was a bad time, all told. It taught me that I’m stronger than I believed I was. Cue Kelly Clarkson right about now. 🙂

It’s my first full year not being part of a couple since before I met my first husband. (I swear, putting those words together makes me feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor. 🙂 ) It’s been lonely but I’ve held up; how, I don’t know, but I did. Yay me!

I hope 2013 brings us all the true love we deserve, or a deeper love than we knew possible. I’d also like to not get sick, because I’ve had 3 colds and a stomach flu in two months. You’d think I’d have lost 20 pounds by now but nooOOOOooo… 😉

I hate the idea of resolutions—too much pressure!—so for 2013, I promise to post more, experiment more in the kitchen—let’s face it, it’s sexy!—and laugh more. Maybe I’ll even try to post a clean joke you can share with your kids. Been a while for that, and yet somehow my kids, now teenagers, still laugh at the “put a little boogie in it” joke. There’s a benefit to having boys, other than keeping air freshener readily available at all times.

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2013!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year from The Chicklets

  1. Mary, I love that picture! Happy anniversary and may you have many, many more.

    And Arlene… a pine cone drop? And when are you going to stop referring to The Boyfriend as The Boyfriend and give him his REAL title? Hmmmmm???

    Lis’Anne, I’ll be over to eat dinner at… what time?

    • Agree! Great picture Mary! Happy Anniversary to you and Chris!

      Arlene, I’ve never heard of the Pine Cone Drop, but how cool is that? 🙂

      Carla, I’m so with you – 2013, please be awesome! You’ve accomplished so many great things this past year – I can’t imagine what you’ll get up to in the next. 😉

      Abigail, I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. Thank you so much for always being here for me. I’m so very thankful, bff! Love & hugs! P.S. Drop by any time after 2p.m.-ish. The bacon-wrapped water chestnuts in homemade sweet bbq sauce should be done by then. 😀

  2. Yes, a Pine Cone Drop. Why not? They drop a giant peach somewhere in Georgia …

    I’ve blogged about him as The Boyfriend for years on my weight-loss blog, so I haven’t made the transition to The Fiance yet. Plus, since we haven’t set a date, it doesn’t seem real yet.

    • But a peach in Georgia makes sense! They’re practically synonymous. I haven’t heard anything about famed Arizona pine cones. 🙂

      AND I was engaged for two years before I got married. so :P. Besides, there are fewer letters in Fiance, so less to type.

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