The Absence of Abigail

I’m back, Chickadees and Roosters.  Sorry for the long absence.   I have no excuse other than the excuses everyone else has – no time, no time, and no time.

I had an interesting weekend.  Well, mid-week to weekend.  My brother stopped at our house as the midway point between South Carolina and the west coast of Florida.  My mother came up to watch the kids for a teacher workday.  We also went to Savannah for the day and my husband did our taxes.  Even though my brother stayed at my house for two nights, he and my husband never saw each other due to late arrivals and early departures.

Because Hubby didn’t come to Savannah, we went from Thursday night to Sunday night of not having a meal together.  It was weird.

Anyway, we took a bus to Savannah, and I wanted to bring dinner back for my Mom and The Things for the ride back.  But there were no restaurants where we were, until I stumbled upon Angel’s BBQ.  I ordered four sandwiches, none on them on the bread, because I wasn’t sure what everyone would like.  Trying to divvy up dinner on a moving bus wasn’t exactly my idea of a fun time, but we did it.

And thank goodness for Angel’s, because the food was awesome.  The owner claimed the best french fries in Savannah, and though I had nothing else to compare them to, I’d agree with him. Perfectly seasoned and crispy and yummy.  So was the smoked chicken.  Delish!  Thing2 had smoked bologna, which I wanted to try, but it was so messy that I didn’t bother.  We’ll just have to go again next time we’re in Savannah.

So why did we go to Savannah for the day, you ask.  And take a bus?  Because the Sunday School took a trip to one of the oldest reform synagogue in the United States.  It was beautiful!  AND there was a Torah there that was believed to be the oldest one continuously on US soil.  Crazy.  We had lunch there as well.  Eggplant Parmesan, my favorite.  And Kosher, too!

So now I’m back and hoping to commit to regularly talking about my kitchen.  Because I miss you guys!




4 thoughts on “The Absence of Abigail

  1. I was about to give you a stern lecture, like you’re known to do to us when we become slackers, but I know how busy, busy you are. 😉

    Smoked bologna? I’ve never heard the like. Now I want to try it!

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