More Greek goodness — meatless-style

Let me go on the record now: I love meat. After years of low-carb eating — with all the steaks, bacon and chicken I wanted to handle — I could never be a vegetarian.

That being said, now that I’m doing Weight Watchers, I find myself going meatless more often. Meat — especially in the decent-sized portions I’m used to — has … gasp … more Points. As I try to get the most bang for my Points buck, my kitchen has become an experimentation zone for meat-free recipes.

Ready to bake.

Ready to bake.

Thanks to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, I’ve found some good ones. Among my favorites is her Greek Black Bean Burger. It’s full of flavor and has just 4 WW Points.

Even better? They’re fairly easy to make, especially if you’re like me and cooked up way too much quinoa several weeks ago. I froze the excess and have been pulling it out every weekend as I prep food for the week. Two weeks ago, I made these burgers. Last weekend, I expanded my repertoire into the meat zone with these Tuna Quinoa Cakes (also from The Lean Green Bean).

The Greek Black Bean Burgers might seem to be a somewhat unusual mix: black beans, hummus and quinoa, peppered with other Greek flavors (like roasted red peppers and feta). But don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em. They’re delicious, I promise.

Flavorful and meat-free

Flavorful and meat-free

That’s a ringing endorsement from an avowed carnivore.

Other vegetarian-type recipes I’ve been digging lately:

And ones I’m raring to try:

Let’s chat: Are you an avowed meat-eater? Do you have a favorite vegetarian recipe I can add to the list?


6 thoughts on “More Greek goodness — meatless-style

  1. The Black Bean Burgers sound delicious! I’m not a big meat eater, nor am I a vegetarian. So I’m happy for any recipe I haven’t tried. Thanks for sharing this one! 🙂

  2. I’m a huge meat eater and can’t imagine life without it. But I also love vegetarian dishes. I’ll eat these on a bun, piled with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and schmear of mayo. 🙂

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