Perhaps this post should be titled “I’m becoming my father.” Not my mother, my father.

Dad was the health nut of the family, you see. He bought us Earth Shoes, insisting they promoted a more natural way of walking.  He used to take a ton of supplements from the health food store. He introduced me to carob as a chocolate substitute, and to Tiger’s Milk bars, which — according to their website — are “America’s Original Nutrition Bar.”

I’m pretty sure he’d be glad to see me making my own almond milk (as I did several times while on my Whole30) and eating chia seeds.

He might also have gotten a kick out of my latest healthy obsession: The smoothie.

I know, I know: ‘Tis better to eat your calories than drink ’em. Real foods are both more filling and visually satisfying.

But there’s something appealing about whipping up a quick smoothie when I come in from a walk … and about sneaking in extra servings of fruits and veggies. Plus, there’s the whole “dessert in a glass” factor. You feel like you’re getting a treat, but it’s really pretty good for you.

Besides, all the cool kids are drinking ’em. I see a lot of delicious-looking smoothie recipes on the healthy living blogs I read.

In fact, there are so many that I’ve created a Pinterest board called (you guessed it) Smoothie-palooza. I have 41 recipes on the board, and — counting my own recipe I’m about to share with you — I count six that I’ve actually tried. All tasty, though some were better than others. (I wasn’t too crazy about the Coconut-Kale one.)

I’ve done a bit of experimenting on my own, and have come up with a couple of go-to recipes. The first one, my Birthday Cake Remix, is a tastier spin on this Cake Batter Protein Shake. I also make a mean Tropical Mango Smoothie, courtesy of frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe’s. (Hint: It also includes my favorite dairy, Greek yogurt.)

But the smoothie I’m really loving right now is a variation on my Birthday Cake Remix: The Pineapple Upside Down Cake Smoothie.


Click on the photo for the recipe and the long story of how it came to be. To make a long story short, I was doing dishes and thinking about making a cake batter smoothie for lunch. Next thing I knew, I decided to add pineapple so it’d taste like pineapple upside down cake.

The rest, as they say, is history. To steal a phrase from Life cereal, “Try it. You’ll like it.”

Do you have a favorite smoothie?

19 thoughts on “Smoothie-palooza

  1. I love smoothies but I’m not sure I’d drink anything with the word KALE in it. Super food or not, kale is not my favorite food.

    Thanks for sharing, Lis! 🙂

  2. I have one for breakfast every morning. Banana, apple, cup of whatever other fruit I have, 1-2 scoops of brown rice protein powder & 2 cups coconut water. The higher fiber fruits won’t spike your blood sugar like melon or pineapple & the calorie count gives me a healthy meal.

    Ask the others in the chapter how good my skin looks, how much energy I have, or how many sizes I’ve dropped. Just sayin’.

      • I order the coconut water and protein powder online from a site called when they’re running sales and I can buy in bulk. Free shipping on orders over a certain amount (I always meet it). If you watch the sales + shipping, it’s a lot cheaper to your door than Whole Foods or Publix with gas factored in. Not that I’m spending all my food budget on contests and conventions or anything!

    • That sounds good, Beth. The Boyfriend recently got into coconut water, and I had a sip from his can. I wasn’t a big fan (it was chunky!) — but I think I’d like it blended up with other stuff.

      I don’t have brown rice protein powder in the house, but I do have unflavored soy protein. Think that would work?

      • Absolutely! The key is to get protein in with the fruit sugars & consider the smoothie a meal. After all, the calories are equal. The protein keeps you from crashing from all the sugars. Same for swapping in veggies – all that fiber masks that you’re not getting staying power & you may find yourself getting the shakes from low blood sugar in spite of having a full belly.

        Those watching their blood sugar have to be careful about sugar spikes and crashes, which is why you want to watch the fruits like melons & pineapples that cause your sugars to swing. Even with proteins, it’s hard to counterbalance too much of the sweet fruits. So use banana + apple as your base. The potassium from the banana + higher fiber will keep your levels even. That’s why I avoid more than a cup of the really sweet fruits added in.

        The more you get the nutrients without letting your sugars get out of balance, the better you’ll feel. If in doubt, check the calories on an app like Calorie Count. Some of those smoothies y’all are talking about can swing over 55o calories! I try to stay between 400-500 and make them a meal. The coconut water helps with that.

        It took me trial and error to learn.

      • I don’t really count calories. I’ve counted carbs, which is why I’m leery of bananas, and now Weight Watchers Points, which use a mysterious fat/carbs/protein/fiber formula.

        I tend to use unsweetened almond milk in mine because 1 cup has just 1 WW Point. But I’ll definitely give apple/banana/coconut water a go.

      • Oh yes! I love coconut, too. Anything that makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation is a taste-winner in my book. 😉

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