Good Things

Just a quick note because I’ve been short on time lately and therefore short on kitchen creativity. However…

That homemade pizza recipe I posted has become a weekend staple in the house. One weekend I had too much going on, and I asked if the boys wanted to order pizza instead. I was met with twin expressions of disappointment. “Yeah, it’s okay…” they said.

This past weekend was another busy one; RWA meeting, garden overhaul, baseball. On Sunday I told the boys I was going to the Phillies game but I’d set the bread machine timer so the pizza dough would be ready by 6, and I’d pick up the “good cheese” on the way home. You know you’ve done something right when you watch a 16 year old boy grin from ear to ear because you told him you’re making homemade pizza.

The only complaint I got was that we were out of black olives. Next week, our pizza will be fully loaded. Pics to follow! 🙂

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Fiction Writer wannabe; mom of 2 boys (one teenager, one with autism); addicted crocheter/knitter; BIG fan of the iPod and the Philadelphia Phillies. Ask me about my camera, too. Or better yet, say cheese!

6 thoughts on “Good Things

    • Feel free to skip the olives. Ryan loved them since he was old enough to walk. I’d make pizza or salad with black olives and put one on each of his little boy fingers, and he’d walk away eating each olive off his fingertips. He’d still do that now if I could find olives big enough to fit the fingers of 18 year old boy hands. Instead he just asks, “You done with those?” and walks away with the half-full can.

    • I love it because it’s ridiculously cheaper than anything anyone can deliver, and it’s a fraction as oily. Living in NY, you knew you had good pizza if you could hold it tip-down and watch the oil drip onto your plate. (Hopefully it dripped onto your plate and not your shirt.) I have the option to put fresh ingredients on it, or just have it plain. Right now we have a minor scuffle over toppings because Ryan refuses to eat even a smidgen of pepperoni, and Alex would use a whole pepperoni stick for a chew toy if I let him.

    • I love empanadas. Sometimes the heat level is off the charts though, so making them homemade would give me control over the spices. I like the recipe in the link – nothing but a little pepper. I found a recipe for pizza empanadas, so you could fill the pockets with whatever each person wants. Put a whole chunk of pepperoni in Alex’s!

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