Something old, something new

Save your enthusiastic congratulations, chicklets. There’s no wedding in my immediate future.

The post’s title merely refers to what I’ve been eating — or more to the point, what I haven’t been eating.

Breakfast in a glass

With peanut butter, chocolate and banana, should I call this smoothie “The Elvis”?

I’m still rocking the morning smoothies, changing it up with new ingredients … though I have yet to try making one with coconut water. Wednesday morning’s entry involved a frozen banana, Greek yogurt, almond milk, cocoa powder and peanut butter.

I’m still loving my Greek yogurt. The other day, I stirred chives and a crushed garlic clove into some plain Greek yogurt for a delicious take on dip for raw veggies. Thanks for all your great snack ideas, by the way.

What I haven’t been eating — at least this week — are my beloved donuts.

Even though I’m doing Weight Watchers, I’ve found myself at Dunkin’ Donuts several times a week. The rationalization? “I can eat anything I want, so long as I have the Points for it.” (Depending on the order, I could have a sweet afternoon pick-me-up for 4 to 9 Points.)

True — but the donuts have made their appearance in my diet at the expense of other, more nutritious choices. And this week, it caught up with me. I posted my first gain at my weekly weigh-in. It wasn’t much — less than a pound — but I want to nip that trend in the bud. In the bud, I say.

So I’m cleaning up my diet. Switching up the WW plan I’m following to the one where you only count Points for things that aren’t fruits, veggies, meats, grains and fat-free dairy products. (Weight Watchers calls them Power Foods.)

Mini Cucumbers

I’m eating all the green things, including these cute mini-cucumbers. Ever had them before? They’re a little less cucumber-y than the full-sized ones.

That means I’ve been eating A LOT more veggies, fruits and even grains. I boiled a pot of brown rice Wednesday for the first time in YEARS. It had been so long, I wasn’t sure how much water to use or how long to cook it.

But you know what? I’ve noticed that I’m not constantly thinking about my next bite. Focusing on real foods instead of higher-carb junk leaves me full.

It also means I’m spending more time in the kitchen, which leaves less time for writing — and that’s not ideal. It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t sustain a paleo/Whole30-type diet. I enjoy cooking until I HAVE to do it … and then it just becomes one more resented task to check off my to-do list.

To keep that from happening, I’ve taken to prepping a bunch of stuff early in the week, so I have stuff ready to grab and go all week long. Some folks call it “Sunday food prep” or “a weekend cook-up.”

I’ll cut up the veggies I plan to eat raw, roast a couple pans of veggies — brussels sprouts, green beans or asparagus, butternut squash — boil some quinoa and make a recipe or two, often from The Lean Green Bean. (I still love Lindsay’s Greek Black Bean Burgers, and Tuna Quinoa Cakes.)

Any of you like to do weekend food prep? If so, what are your go-to recipes? Please share them in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. Good for you for recognizing what you need to change, Arlene.

    I don’t do a weekend food prep, though I do have a couple of make ahead meals that I use if I know a day is going to be particularly busy. One is Tuna Noodlerrific, the other is Chili (and my awesome guacamole. (And here’s hoping I did the HTML codes right.)

    And there IS a wedding in your future, not that anyone would know it because you call him The Boyfriend instead of The Fiance.

  2. The slow cooker is my friend! I’ll toss in cut up eggplant , red lentils, chopped onion &/or peppers in assorted hues & chop whatever veggies are in the fridge until its full. Pour in a little water or stock, season to taste & let bubble all day. Then freeze most & let it be my portions for the week to pour over rice from the steamer or eat as stew with homemade bread & a little goat cheese. Salmon burgers in the rice steamer with frozen veggies tossed on top & a little ginger teriyaki sauce poured over to steam will save time as well.

    • A friend of mine shared a cabbage and lintel soup recipe with me – I’d never had them prior and it was so good. I put the leftovers in the fridge and the next day it had turned to a very thick glop. I transformed the glop into a lintel meatloaf! My guys loved it!

      • Cabbage soup, eh? I like cabbage, but the mere name dredges up memories of that terrible Cabbage Soup Diet that made the rounds in the 1990s. I made a pot — and was so hungry by the end of a couple days that I could have gnawed the leg off a table.

        Lentil meatloaf sounds good, though. I have my eye on this recipe for Pizza Lentils: Even bought a bag of lentils the last time I was at Trader Joe’s.

      • Pizza lentils?! That’s the way to make healthy taste great! I’m gonna check out that recipe, too.

        Too funny about gnawing off a table leg!!! LOL

  3. I’m so new to this healthy eating lifestyle, I haven’t figured out how to make it easier for me and the fam. Thank you for the brilliant idea of prepping everything at the beginning of the week. My fridge is full of bulk veggies just waiting to be hacked up with my handy-dandy knife. 🙂

      • I’m going to start prepping all those veggies in the fridge this afternoon. No one in the house will make up a wrap or eat any crunchy munchies if they have to do it every time – including me.

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