It’s turnip time

No, really. Don’t click away.

I’m just trying to get everyone ready for the fun we have in store next week by focusing on a much-maligned veggie. You’ll lean why soon enough.

I’m taking a stay-cation this week, which gives me both more time to write and to spend in the kitchen. The net result of all this free time? I’m finally rescuing some of the aging root veggies from my crisper drawer.

I’m not sure exactly when I decided to buy three turnips. It was at least a month ago, if not longer. While at Safeway, I must have had the idea of making turnip “fries.”

It’s not a new idea, and I certainly can’t take credit. I make mine with a recipe from the “Atkins New Diet Revolution” book — or what I remember of the recipe, since I haven’t cracked that book open since 2005.

But turnips, like other veggies, have 0 Weight Watchers PointsPlus, so I apparently thought it’d be a good idea to revive the fries.

Turnips actually lend themselves to pretty good “fries.” All you have to do is peel them, cut ’em into sticks, drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle them with salt, pepper and chili powder and toss to coat.  Bake for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees F, stirring halfway through.


Turnip Fries

Turnip fries. I served them with a turkey burger and a dipping sauce of Greek yogurt mixed with ranch dressing mix. (The original Atkins recipe just said to dip ’em in ranch dressing, which of course now has too many Points …)

If you haven’t tried turnip fries, you really should. They’re a great way to get a fry-like experience without all the calories/fat … and to sneak in an extra serving of veggies.

Other veggies lend themselves to decent fries, too. I love butternut squash fries, and I’ve been known to make a mean zucchini fry. (Link goes to the Zesty Zucchini Fries recipe on my weight-loss blog. If you don’t want to use ground nuts in the coating, use bread crumbs … or ground up Fiber One cereal.)

Have you ever made fries out of something other than potato? 


12 thoughts on “It’s turnip time

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  2. I’m embarrassed to admit that until I looked at the picture I thought turnips were synonymous with radishes. Now I have no idea what they really look like. Must google.

    I know, I’ve led a deprived life. 🙂

    • I have eaten Japanese Salad Turnips raw (on salads, obviously). But I always cook the big, round white and pink ones. I made turnip hash with a diced one and some onions the other night.

  3. YAY! Another good something to do with turnips. I bought them for the first time last week, not really knowing what to do with them. They got roasted with other root vegetables. I can’t wait to make fries out the next batch. 😀

  4. A local restaurant makes eggplant fries that are To. Die. For. I’ve gone there just for the eggplant fries, and that was lunch; nothing more. I’d love to know how to do it but I’m afraid their version is probably deep fried. (Which explains the high yummy factor.)

    I think it was “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” that had a recipe for baked potato fries, and all it was was potatoes sliced as fries, mixed with egg whites, and baked with sea salt. I remember them being quite tasty and even easier than standard French fries.

    Damn. Now I’m hungry. 😉

  5. They started out as a “summer special” at the restaurant but the demand was so high, they’re on the regular menu now. Next time you come east, we know where to go! (Their buffalo chicken salad is sublime, too. I really do miss that.)

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