Drink Your Kale Smoothie

When I hear “Kale Week,” the first thing that pops into my mind is “Hell Week.” I bet Mary would agree.

I mean really … What is kale good for, besides decorating salad bars?Turns out kale makes a heck of a good green — but not mean — smoothie.

Surprise! It was delicious.

Surprise! It was delicious.

Yes, I said smoothie. If you can put spinach in a smoothie, why not kale? I’m not the trailblazer who came up with the idea, though. That honor goes to Tina at Carrots N Cake, who blogged about her coconut-kale smoothie more than a year ago.

I pinned the recipe to try — and try it I did. But at the time, I was doing Atkins. The recipe calls for a banana (which you might recall from previous posts is the highest-carb fruit).

Since I was avoiding bananas like a vegetarian avoids Sizzler, I had the bright idea to replace real banana with banana extract and extra ice.

Don’t do that. It tasted … well, not good.

I also subbed Splenda for the honey. And after all that, the recipe still came out to have upwards of 6 Net Carbs, which was one-quarter of my daily allowance. So not worth it.

Realizing my substitutions did Tina’s recipe no favors, I was more than willing to revisit it when Abigail suggested Kale Week. Since I’m doing Weight Watchers, bananas are no longer verboten.

Smoothie Ingredients

Prepped for action. See the banana?

This time, I made the recipe almost as written. The only difference: I used just 2 teaspoons of honey instead of 1 full tablespoon. (It was 1 WW Point vs. 2 — and I’m always willing to save a Point. Besides, I figured a ripe banana was pretty sweet in itself.)

The difference was night and day.

Doesn't look like much ... yet.

Doesn’t look like much … yet.

I will admit, my coconut-kale smoothie didn’t seem to be off to a promising start. After a quick whir in the blender, I stopped to scrape the kale bits off the sides — and it looked … well, kind of terrible, really.

But I kept blending. I ran my Ninja until all the chunks were long gone. The power pod was warm to the touch before I decided I’d whirred the suckers into submission.

The result was worth the effort, though. It tasted good — so good, in fact, that I’ll be making it again.

Better yet? My filling, refreshing post-walk nosh had only 4 WW PointsPlus. (I love 0-Point fruits and veggies!)

Have you ever put kale in your smoothie? Would you?



7 thoughts on “Drink Your Kale Smoothie

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  2. Okay, you’ve got my attention. While I won’t promise to make it myself, I do promise that if we’re together at a conference, I won’t turn down the option to try one you’ve made. 😉

    • I love this comment, Mary. It’s like, I’ll try it if I ever see you – never mind that we live on opposite sides of the country so traveling with the kale and a blender might be a problem. *laugh*

      Arlene, did the honey and banana overtake the bitterness of the kale?

      • Too funny! LOL I can just imagine Arlene walking into the conference hotel with a blender in one arm and bunches of fresh kale in the other!

        I didn’t notice the kale being bitter in the soup. I wonder if Carla noticed any bitterness in the kale chips?

  3. Why am I so afraid to try this? It just doesn’t sound like it could possibly be good even though I trust you when you say it is. Does it taste more like banana than anything?

    • The coconut milk and extract make it taste like coconut more than anything. The banana and honey add a certain sweetness.

  4. Mary, if I were going to Atlanta, I’d take you up on that. Sadly, I’m not. I decided to invest the registration fee in indie publishing instead. And now my computer is on the fritz. Hoping I won’t have to pay a mint for repairs.

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