I’m having a dinner party… WHEN???

The women in my neighborhood play Bunco once a month, usually on the first Tuesday or first Thursday.  Bunco is a dice-rolling social game and gives us time to chat away from the kids and husbands.  Hostess duties rotate every month, and the hostess does EVERYTHING.  That way everyone else gets a night off from providing food or drinks or whatever.

I volunteered to host for May, thinking that the first Thursday was May 9.  Because the first Tuesday was May 7, and Thursday comes after Tuesday.  Therefore – May 9.  On the night of May 1, an email came through that said, See you guys tomorrow.


My house wasn’t clean.  I didn’t have a dinner planned yet.  I couldn’t go grocery shopping that night because it was after 10pm and that’s when the stores close.  And it didn’t matter even if they were open, because did I mention?  I HAD NO DINNER PLANNED.

I spent Wednesday night cleaning and dusting and planning on what to do with the crap that covered most surfaces of our home.  Our bed would bear the brunt of it.  Husband would understand.  Even if he didn’t, he would.

I decided on chicken and beef tacos, both hard shell and soft, with oreo brownies for dessert (Carla posted the recipe – you put oreos in a muffin tin, then cover them with brownie batter.  YUM).  I went to work the next day and left a little early to do some shopping, then came home and set the kiddies to work cleaning while I cooked.

Dinner started at 7pm.  So of course my bell rang at 6:45, while I was making a mess with brownie batter.  Other guests arrived on time.

The food cooked and served, it was time to put the brownies in the oven.  And about five minutes after that, the power went out.

The power FREAKIN’ WENT OUT!!!

Seriously?  Because my evening wasn’t hectic enough?

I had some candles, so we stayed around the table and played Apples to Apples instead.  But it was starting to get hot, even with the windows open.  And dark, even with the candles.  And I’m thinking, WHHHHHHHHYYYY MEEEEEEEEEEE???

Finally, FINALLY, after about two hours, the power came on again, the house cooled down, and I baked the brownies.  A good time was had by all, but I’d rather it happened to someone else.  And thankfully I won’t have to host again for another year.

Any dinner party disasters you want to share?



5 thoughts on “I’m having a dinner party… WHEN???

  1. I hate hosting. My husband loves it but gets stressed out so much he can’t sleep. So I have to play it down.

    Let’s see, last thanksgiving we had a clogged sewer that Tuesday – the same day I had my colonoscopy. That was a fun week.

    I’m going to have to try those brownies. 🙂

    • Oh no, Lynn! That would be a terrible week!

      In theory, I love hosting; in reality, I end up biting off more than I can chew with re-decorating. Plus, I always wait until the very last minute to get started on cleaning, etc.

      My dad and sister were flying down this past Monday and on the previous Friday I had to have Roto Rooter make a call (tree roots in the sewer line). That was a close call. :-

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