The Deep Freeze

When I was a kid, my parents had a big chest freezer in the garage. It was filled with things like a side of beef Mom and Dad bought to keep us in meat for a year, and the cole slaw, pie filling and other things Mom froze to preserve when she got tired of canning.

My roommate and I had a big freezer, too. Until recently, this behemoth occupied a nook in the laundry room.

Finally frost-free again!

Finally frost-free again!

But for the most part, it wasn’t filled with meat. No, it contained some protein, but more processed junk. Ice cream, Chicken Pot Pies and Pizza Rolls, anyone?

My roommate hadn’t used the freezer in several years, and I was really only using the top two shelves and the door. Everything else in there had taken up residence so long ago it was buried in six inches of frost.

So I came up with a fail-safe way to force a freezer clean-out: Buy a new chest freezer. I picked up one for a steal from Best Buy — basically half-price.

Angie tackled some of the shelves. Among her finds: Girl Scout Thin Mints with an expiration date of 2006.

Don’t ask me how that happened. Wait, I know. When I’m in weight-loss mode, I can easily say No — even to Thin Mints. Since I’ve basically been on one diet or another since 2003 (with a few exceptions), I probably stuck ’em in there and forgot about them until — voila! — they got lost in the permafrost.

I uncovered the aforementioned pot pies and pizza rolls, along with freezer-burned ice cream and mystery meat packages dating back to 2008. I don’t even want to think about how much money we threw out …

Probably enough to pay a cover artist to design the cover for “Operation Snag Mike Brad.”

Like I said, I don’t want to think about it.

Anyway … I transferred items that weren’t too old to eat to this cute, new chest freezer that sits right next to my fridge. The dog food is there to keep the puppy, Moose, from chewing the cord.

New Freezer by Arlene Hittle | Chicklets in the Kitchen

There’s still room for more goodies — but I don’t want to let it fill with stuff I’ll end up not eating. That is, after all, the definition of insanity, isn’t it? To perform the same actions expecting different results?

I am NOT insane. Right? Just because I hear voices in my head … That’s not insanity; it’s called being a writer.

Next week, I hope to get back to sharing some delicious food coming out of my kitchen. All I have to do is put the items in my freezer, fridge and pantry to good use.

Do you have an extra freezer? What’s in yours? Any Girl Scout Cookie surprises?


9 thoughts on “The Deep Freeze

  1. My folks had a chest freezer too. We lived on a farm so we raised the beef, chickens, and they hunted. So lots of mystery meat.

    My hubby and I have been talking about getting one so we could buy a side of beef. We’re still talking. 🙂

    • I’m such a beef lover that I think it’s a great idea. However, I have neither the money to buy a whole side of beef nor the space in that cute little freezer to store it. I’m just happy to have a place to keep my Lean Cuisines and veggie burgers for quick, easy-fix meals.

  2. I have one. I buy meat when it’s on sale, but not enough to last more than a month or two.

    Things do get buried, though, and I hate to think of the money I’m throwing away. It’s also a risk to keep a stocked freezer during hurricane season since we may lose power. Though that’s only happened once, and then only for a few hours.

  3. I had an upright freezer in my basement when we lived in NY. I have a chest freezer in my garage here in AZ. I haven’t found a place to buy 1/2 a beef or a pig yet but I do fill it monthly with meat bargains from the local grocery stores. I also freeze stocks, chicken and beef, and veggies from my garden. No, things don’t get lost. I keep the old stuff rotated to the top (of front of my upright). I don’t want to lose my hard earned money at the bottom of the freezer. I defrost and clean it once a year, usually just before a big buy so stuff can fit in the coolers while I clean the freezer.

  4. How funny! I’m looking for an upright because I’m tired of pulling everything out to get to the stuff in the bottom of my small chest freezer. And it’s not big enough. Speaking of all the frost, do they make them frost-free?

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