A real “duh!” moment

There are several meals my kids would eat all the time if I let them.  My chili is one.  Meatball subs is another.  Both are super easy to make, but both take a little bit of time (browning the meat and simmering for the chili, and the rolling for the meatballs).

And the other day, I had an AMAZING idea.  Why don’t I make TWO batches every time I make the meal?  That way, I only have to make it ONCE!

Plus, if I poorly plan a meal for the week, I’ll have something in the freezer ready to go!

So I did.  And it was BRILLIANT!!!   I put the meatballs in a freezer bag, and then popped them out when I needed something fast.  The chili takes a bit more planning, since it also requires Abigail’s Awesome Guac.  But still – going to the grocery store for a few items is a lot easier than planning an entire meal.

Meatball sub recipe coming next time I make it so I can take some pictures.

Do you ever make double-batches of a meal?  Tell me all about it.


11 thoughts on “A real “duh!” moment

  1. I frequently make extra in hopes of freezing or saving. Alas, the family usually devours what was planned to be enough for another whole meal for the family, making it instead a tiny lunch for one by the time there are leftovers.

  2. Now that it’s just the two of us, a normal recipe automatically makes enough for another meal, which sometimes gets frozen for later, or just reheated the next day. But when the boys were home, I routinely made mega amounts of certain foods (meatballs and chili for instance) to have on hand. It’s amazing how empty the deep freezer is without having to feed a couple of 6 foot tall boys – um – men!

  3. It all depends on who’s home for supper whether or not there’s enough left to freeze for another meal. But everyone in my house loves leftovers so they usually just get put in the fridge and are gone within 2 days. Pizza Hut has $5.55 large one-topping pizzas this week. I bought an extra one just to have in the fridge for leftovers. I’m eating an awesome slice of cold pan pizza as I write this. 😉

  4. I use to freeze some of my meals, but they would just pull them out the very next day!
    No need to freeze anything! LOL!! Leftovers are faster for the guys.
    Now it’s just me and my hubby so I have downsized BIG time when I cook.
    Not big meals anymore, I just make our meals so that we have a little leftover for maybe a small lunch together the next day. 🙂
    Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can bug hubby enough to go out to eat…..mwhahaha!

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