Gluten-Free Girl Takes on The Summer Salad

My husband grilled up some amazing steaks. We’re talking incredibly delicious steaks piping hot and so big they couldn’t be consumed in a single meal. Which left the age old American question, “What do we do with the left overs?”

Well, why not toss the leftovers into a fresh salad. So I had my boys help me dig through the refrigerator and pantry to come up with yummies to add to the salad. The boys found a box of croutons and asked to add them to the meal.

Quickly, I discovered that while we would all use the base of spinach, everyone’s salad would be slightly different, if allowed. I thought, why not? I just want them to eat something besides hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. 🙂

Everyone made their own meal. I didn’t think to get pictures of everyone’s dish. After all, I am the Gluten-Free Girl, but my family most definitely is not gluten-free.

Okay, quick confession time…being gluten-free doesn’t mean I can’t include things like croutons. I could if I wanted to purchase the mondo-expensive gluten-free version, but I see no point. I never really liked the stale squares much anyway. Still, I want more than just spinach in my meal.

So after searching and a little creativity, what I produced was the tasty meal you see below.

Ultimate Summer Salad


In the Bowl

Freshly washed spinach salad
Baby Corn
Dried Cranberries
Fresh Grapes
Mandarin Oranges
Shredded Colby Jack and Mozzarella Cheeses
Cherry Tomatoes

Notice I didn’t list any salad dressing? That’s because I didn’t need any. Between the fruit and nuts, there was enough zing to the salad, to make it completely edible without adding dressing. Cool, huh?

Best of all, because we were adding to our individual bowls, the kids and hubster made their perfect salads. Hubster hates fruit in his salads but tried my idea for the nuts and loved the addition. One boy loves carrots, so he loaded his up. The other loves celery, so he added that but left off the cranberries.

This was such a raging success, my boys have asked to help with the food prep more than ever before. They ate healthy and they want to continue to help make dinner. DOUBLE SCORE!

So, your turn. What do you do with the leftovers?



10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Girl Takes on The Summer Salad

  1. Sounds delicious. Taking your leftover steak, make fajitas, stroganoff, steak sandwiches, and of course, your salad using the same technique. We tend to more veg but I’ve included any left over grilled asparagus, zuchini, yellow squash or even eggplant! Glad the boys were excited about helping out.

    • Hi Connie,

      Thanks! You’re absolutely right about using that technique in a variety of ways. As a mom, I’m always excited when I can find a meal that both excites my boys and is one that will leave their plate empty at the end of dinner. This salad did both.

      Love your asparagus idea. Nothing beats grilled asparagus!

      • Can’t say I’ve ever tried that. I’m not a big bacon person, but my guys are. Hmmm…could be a good way to convince the young men in my life to eat one of my favorite veggies!

  2. That looks delish, Mary! Most of the time, leftovers get eaten as is in my house, but last night I had leftover taco fixings stuffed into a flax pita pocket. 🙂

    • Thanks Arlene. It’s the reason we went really creative. I”m trying to convince the boys (and myself) that eating healthier can be tasty. 🙂

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