What’s cookin’?

Absolutely nothing, that’s what!

I can’t remember the last time I set foot in the kitchen to do anything more involved than blend a smoothie or nuke a frozen dinner.

That, my friends, is going to have to change.

I need to get back to the meal planning/prep that has helped me lose 30-plus pounds this year … before the scale starts creeping back in the wrong direction.

And I will … just as soon as I make myself a plate full of Jon’s deliciousness.

Hmm. Think he’ll mind if I lighten it up a smidge by serving it over spaghetti squash instead of pasta?

At least I’m thinking of cooking, which is more than I’ve been doing lately.

I blame Diet-To-Go. Getting that week’s worth of meals delivered to my doorstep spoiled me. I’d  fix breakfast for myself (usually a smoothie of some sort), then eat one or two prepared meals (for lunch and/or dinner).

I’ve been loving the food. Even when it’s not pretty, it tastes great. Dare I say the chefs at Diet-to-Go are better at cooking than I’ll ever be?

Good, because it’s true. 😉

A collage of some of my favorites ...

A collage of some of my favorite meals. From top, you have an Angus burger topped with guacamole and a side of veggies, a cheese omelet with spinach, bacon and salsa, Italian meatballs with veggies on the side, chicken soufflé with green beans, and eggs with andouille sausage, shrimp and turkey sausage.

Anything in the black trays I ate at work; anything plated I enjoyed at home. Real silverware? What’s that?

Why yes, I am a walking, talking writer cliche.

Why yes, I am a walking, talking writer cliche. With collarbones. Haven’t seen them in a while.

Just kidding. I don’t always use plastic utensils.

At least I have the option. I just wish it weren’t necessary so often.

But there’s a perk to having someone else do the cooking for me: It frees me up to spend more time writing.

At Starbucks. With fancy coffee drink in hand. (This shot was taken at my day job office, after I left the Bux … with fancy coffee drink in hand.)

Until next time …

It’s going to be H-O-T in Flagstaff the rest of this week. Have any go-to little- or no-cook meals that will get me back in the kitchen without heating up the whole house?

Spill it in the comments! I’m listening.




9 thoughts on “What’s cookin’?

  1. Whenever it’s too hot to think, I grab a deli roast whole chicken, and put it on salads of mixed greens and whatever veggie I’m getting from the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Unfortunately, I LOVE Newman’s Own ranch dressing, so I’m sure that negates any diet benefits I’m getting from the raw veggies.

  2. I won’t mind at all! Heck, that almost makes the carbonnara dish healthy… almost. The only thing I can think of that might be a problem is that spaghetti squash may not be able to carry over enough heat to cook the egg coating.

    You could try it, and if it is not cooking completely, perhaps nuke it for fifteen seconds or something. I have had some luck with that.

  3. Thirty pounds?! Yay, you!!! I had to re-read – I couldn’t figure out why Abigail said “yay collarbones!” LOL I lost 34 lbs. last year, but I’ve gained 7 of it back in the last month since I started working out. 😦 I’ve lost 3 inches though. 🙂

    If you’re doing low-carb, you could make all the taco fixings and eat it like a salad without the shell.

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